Tuesday, December 15

Only 10 days til Christmas?

Well, I guess I should think about buying a present, huh?
We haven't even begun.
Yep, we are major procrastinators.
And we're having Christmas dinner here, at our house.
At least I know what we're having, kinda.
And if the kid continues to change his Christmas list daily, he'll be getting cash.
It went from an Xbox to clothes to computer stuff to his latest request...a bar of gold.
Yep, it's what every teen wants for the holiday season...GOLD!
Apparently he saw something on the news about the value of gold.
Or maybe all those, "Send us your gold!" commercial have gone to his head.
Whatever the case, he better make a final decision.
It takes Best Buy elves a couple days to make an Xbox360.

On the home front, I am still playing house.
And besides the lack of a second income, I'm enjoying it immensely.
The kid tells me almost every day, "I am so happy you're here mom."
That makes me feel good.
It could just be all the baked goods I've been making lately, but it still puts a smile on my face.
And the man isn't complaining all that much either, which is good for my guilt.
He's been working extra jobs out in the freezing cold and tells me almost every day, "don't worry."
I'm a lucky girl.

And last week was pretty much a waste because when the man came back from New Mexico, he brought with him some nasty germs and succeeded in giving me a doozie of a cold.
Wiped me out for days.
Lucky though, it moved in very quick, was total misery for like 3 solid days and then gone.
I could have sent myself this card...

Hope everyone is remembering to wash those hands and staying healthy!
Have an awesome Tuesday.

Card details: Stamps by Cornish Heritage Farms, Colored with Copic Markers, Patterned Paper by October Afternoon, Stamped with Memento Ink, Cardstock by Bazzill. Card available for sale HERE.


Paula said...

isn't staying home the best? I love being home all day, I can keep myself amused for hours, crafting, cooking etc.

Cricket said...

Gold..what a riot! Wonder if Mandi would like a bar as well??? humm...

Sorry you were sick, glad you are on the mend though...cute card!!


Donna Baker said...

lol - I have SO missed reading your blog, Simone! I am so stoked that you visited my blog today - I will have to do some catching up when I get a chance. Cute card-so glad things are going well for you (love that you're playing house-ha!)

Michele Kovack said...

Glad you're feeling better! Max cracks me up!!! My kid wants the X-box.....which the Best Buy elves did make him.... : ) And tell Max...no homemade card again this year....sorry!

Nancywithajones said...

max so funny. why you got to remindddddddd me how many daaays till Christmas ughhh!
love the card!

1in3haveherpes said...

what broad was your man doing in new mexico that got you the mega germs ;)

i don't understand why people complain about christmas, it's a corporate holiday that has nothing to do with Christ, in fact it's anti Christian. So if you don't like dealing with it, don't celebrate it. It's pretty easy. At least...i think its easy to not be a sheep in the herd..maybe im wrong. *shrugs*