Monday, August 24

My Busy Life

(that title's an understatement!)

I don't think that title is larger enough or bold printed enough for the magnitude of my busy life.
I miss blogging.
I miss being bored at work.
I miss having extra time, just a few extra minutes to breathe.
I miss my friends and family.

But life is good.
Real good.
We are all moved in and settled (for the most part) into our new house.
There is always something to do or fix, but compared to a year ago and living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment....we are in heaven.
Our family has been a major help to, installing water heaters, painting rooms, advising, and helping in about every way you can ever imagine, thank god.
Here we are the weekend we finally moved in back in late May...
(the kid IS a lot taller but he's standing on a higher step too, he's not THAT big...yet)

And the store, everyone is always asking, "How's the store doing?", well it's fine.
Could be better, could be a lot worse.
I've met so many crafty people at the store and am so lucky that part of my job is to hang out and talk crafts.
That's probably the best part about the store, the people.
I am even more busy this year than last, you would think that I would have learned to do things a little more effectively or been more organized but sadly I am a person who creates work for herself.
Like I tell my friends, I am the person standing in a large hole and instead of climbing out, I'm digging myself deeper.
We celebrated our first year anniversary and we have learned a lot in the first year, so hopefully we will have an even better second year.
And we've learned some lessons, the hard way but will just grow stronger because of it.

And since I have so much spare time.
And I'm already so deep in that hole.
I dug even deeper....much, much deeper.
And adopted this little bugger from PAWS.
Meet Nasdaq. (this picture is the best representative of the massive size paws this little guy has and just how big he will grow to be)

He's my new baby.
Everyone is always commenting about how I ONLY have ONE kid.
Well, I actually have three now.
And they are all adorable.
And two out of the three don't talk back.
Our old dog Neo is still getting used to having the little troublemaker in the house.
But he has a #1 fan who is always giving him undying attention, so that has to makes him slightly happy.

And he is an amazingly good puppy.
We've had him 3 whole weeks and I really think we are about 90% housebroken and he already knows sit really well.
He eats EVERYTHING, especially sticks, but luckily if you just tell him to drop it, even from a distance, he does.
And he is kinda lazy for a puppy so we are lucky he isn't a hyper little fella.
Oh yeah, since I know you are all wondering since you saw the size of those giganto paws...He's 13 weeks old today.
Like I said...He will be HUGE, bigger than our Rott when full grown.

Oh and the kid, well, he's still a teenager.
And he has lots of teenage angst from being misunderstood, naturally.
But luckily the nerd academy is finished for the summer and he's been off a few weeks now and the happiness that comes from a lack of homework has definitely made him nicer to his parents. (and vice versa)
He starts 8th grade in a couple weeks and I can't believe we aren't in kindergarten anymore, time flies.
And he's learning very quickly about girls.
And his mother is not happy about it at all.
Or handling it well.
I find it hard to accept that my baby isn't a baby any more.
Which is exactly why we now have a giant puppy so that I have someone at home to baby that doesn't tell me how uncool I am all the time.

And I still make crap.
Tons and tons of crap to be exact.
I am teaching about 20 classes a month at the store, so I'm still crafty if not craftier than I was.
Here's a little proof...

If you want to see more of my creations and need a little inspiration, check out the CraftFancy Gallery, I make most of that stuff as well.
Or on our CraftFancy Blog.
I also just started unpacking all my crap from when I moved it all into storage back when we moved into the tiny apartment and man, do I have too much stuff!
I am working on organizing and arranging, but expect pictures soon as well as a big giveaway and little garage sale.
I couldn't possible use all this stuff in my lifetime.

And I am teaching a couple online courses as well.
(there she goes again diggin' that hole deeper and deeper...see what I mean??!)
When I get more details and set dates, I will link it all up on this blog.
Since I will be blogging more, it's on my lengthy To Do List toward the top, right below Sleep, Feed Family and Breathe.

That's about it for now.
Back to work, lots and lots of work.
And then off for the week to get ready for our Housewarming Party on Saturday.
Talk about stress.
Hope everyone is well, I need to catch up with my bloglines reader that has over 5000+ unread entries.
Chime in and tell me what's new, save me from my blog list, please!!


Melisa Wells said...

WOW! You have indeed been busy! I've missed reading your stuff. But blogging has to come behind your family obligations, so we'll all take what we can get from you. :)

Glad things are going well for you!

Jo said...

Hey great to see you back blogging. I can so relate to the house move. We just moved from a tiny 2 bedroom unit to a much bigger house last week. Absolute heaven I tell you. I'm going to get so fit walking from one end to the other & cleaning it. Your new pup looks super cute. What's his breeding? Glad to hear that you're doing well, even if you are busy, busy, busy

Nancywithajones said...

oooooomg you updated your blog. well I guess you haveee been just a taste busy. I mean its NOT like you have a LIFE Or anything I MEAN GEEESH. not like me bwahaha. ALL THE CHILDRENS ARE GORGEOUS. LOOK HOW TALL THE KID IS OMGOSH. We were justttttt talkin about yall. I cant remmeber what was said but Bella said somethin about DA BOY that wrote on her porch. WHEN ARE THE GIRLLLZZ and DA BOY that wrote on her porch comin back. I told her I DONT KNOW BUT IM SOOOOO READY. I WISH we lived closer Id so be all over them 20 classes a month.. well if the dr would let me leave my house an all bein all this pig flu and crapp goin around. sigh. I hate germs.
rather. I hate MS. OH well.

Greta Adams said...

nothing going on here i am mad busy too...i decided to open up an etsy shop...and trying to make things and keepup with my local sewing busy has me bananas...wish i could take my sewing machine to work....

Mimi said...

What a lot of good busy! Congratulations

michelle sturgeon said...

I am so happy for you! A house, the kid's dad, the store, new's all great! Take time to enjoy it all, OK?

Michele Kovack said...

Yea! You posted! I have a card to mail to some point I will drop it in the mail.....It has been crazy here too....back to school, redoing 3 rooms in the house. Crap everywhere! We'll have to catch up soon! Hope your party went well!