Thursday, July 3

Life is BIZ-AY!

Yes, I am still alive and kicking.
(thanks to all the nice people who sent emails to make sure I was still among the living)
I am so super busy these days that I am amazed I find time for eating and sleeping.

The kid is at Nerd Academy now til August 1st and it is majorly hard.
I am having difficulty helping with most of the homework.
He's only in 7th grade.
And there is a ton of homework which we didn't really expect.
Some homework would be fine but 4 hours a night is just painful for everyone.
Only 4 more weeks to go.

And the commute to the Nerd Academy from home each morning is a nice tour of the city.
I am amazed every morning that I don't see cyclists strewn along the streets.
With the way they ride and nearly cause accidents left and right...there should really be more tragic accidents.
After leaving the drop off in Lincoln Park, I head north to the store each morning and lemme just say...some mornings I am leaving my house at 8a and get to the store just before 10a!
Road rage is so much clearer to me now.
And I am having a problem staying awake on the road in the mornings, the traffic and lengthy commute make my eyelids super heavy.
I have started a regime of Red Bull in the morning the past couple days and it seems to be helping.
Last week I would drop off Max and tell him, "Have a great day and pray I don't die in a fiery wreck today!"

The store is great!
Our website is now up and awesome, thanks to Karen.
(If you are looking for anything web related, Karen is the gal to go to!)
She got the website up and running and even re-vamped our blog.
Now all we have to do is get the online store running and we are totally set.

Our Grand Opening was last weekend at CraftFancy and it went great.
I am just amazed at the power of word of mouth in scrapbooking.
My buddy, Greta blabbed about the store online last week and low and behold...2 girls from Fremont, Illinois (3 hours away!!) showed up to shop!
If I ever doubted the power of Greta, I don't anymore.
And everyone is telling everyone, which has really been the best advertising we could have ever hoped for.
So, thank you to all the blabbing crafters, you keep us in business!

I am officially moved, again.
Anyone who has known me for a little bit will know that this is the 3rd time I have moved in 3 years.
Yes, I am insane.
Well, the last time was just up a flight in the same building.
That was stupid now that I think about it.
But now I am temporarily moved into the man's apartment.
We are attempting to buy a house and it is taking longer than expected to find a dream home we can afford in the city of Chicago, so for now we are all cramped into his place.
So far, we are all surviving but it's only been 3 weeks.
And if he doesn't let me use his computer, since we don't have ours connected yet, I may kill him in his sleep tonight.
So, I'm definitely not a single gal on my own anymore.
Although, I am still technically single, no ring on the finger yet.
Not that I am holding my breath, I don't really care about such things.
I'm just happy we're all happy and all together...finally.
So yes, me and the baby daddy have shacked up.....Finally.
And once we find a bigger house for all of us and the dog, I will be even happier.

I am still creating like mad.
Especially with the store needing so many samples and classes.
It's what I spend my days doing, in between business stuff and chatting with crafty people.
And I couldn't be happier.
Even with the life-sucking commute.
It is my dream job.

And here's a little proof that I still make stuff:
It's the new SEI Poppy Collection.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
I am looking forward to relaxing and having a few days that I don't have to work, pack or move anything.

Off to make something fabulous....


Michele Kovack said...

Have a great weekend with the man and the kid!!!

Cricket said...

Yay on moving in with the man!! I am determined to get to the store in the next week or so!!!

Have a safe and fun fourth Simone!!


Mimi said...

You're back! And, with news! EEeeeeeeek~ congrats!

dianna said...

Congrats on EVERYTHING :)

Rita said...

So happy everything is working out for you! We miss you but understand. I have 1 more week before my daughters wedding & then I'll be back blogging & crafting!

liz mataraza said...

there she is! so glad that the store is going well. lucky duck with the dream job! don't forget about us when all the 'celebs' come to visit.

thanks for the pimping. (is that how that phrase works?) i'm a dork.

Paula said...

Your post made me laugh Simone........ Baby daddy, ooph. So glad things are going well with the store. I knew it would after seeing all your yummy merchandise. Continued success.

Melissa said...

Fabulous Simone, absolutely fabulous!

Many Blessings,

Greta Adams said...

bwhahaha i am still cracking up over the power of me.....bwhahahahahahahaah

Deborah said...

Wow you sure do have a ton of news to report! I am so happy the opening of the store went so well! You and the kid being happy is just as wonderful as it gets! Blessings! Deb

michelle sturgeon said...

OMG, congratulations to you and the dad! That's awesome!
Gladthe store is doing well, though gotta say I miss ya!

clhenry99 said...

Wow Girl!! I havent checked in for a while and my my how life has changed!@! All positive changes for you! I am happy to see you so happy and loving your dream job. i really wish you the best of luck with the store!!

Melisa Wells said...

Congrats on everything, Simone!
When the kids get back into school next month and my days are a little more free, I'm going to leave my western burbs to visit you in AH at the store. Exciting times for you: I'm so happy for you!