Wednesday, May 28

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Life has been a bit busy lately.
With my gig on the dt, working on CraftCritique reviews (I have one up today), working the office slave job and raising an upstanding citizen...I have barely had a moment to breathe lately.
I completely forgot to post these RAK cards from some great gals...

This one from Lynn, this is soooo me. Love the sentiment.

And this little Bella from my buddy, Donna. She also sent me a little skull, this gal knows me so well.
And a huge thanks to Paula for sending me just a little more sunshine. While you are all warm and toasty, we are having a high of 55 degrees today! She may not be a regular blogger at the moment but it's nice to know we are still buddies.

And there is big news here at Max Central.
We got the letter on Friday that Max has been chosen to attend the High Jump program for (according to the acceptance letter) 2 years of rigorous education.
So out of the 400 kids who applied, Max was one of 65 who will be attending a 3 day overnight outdoor education course followed by 6 weeks of summer school and then Saturday school during the school year.
I'm thinking the same as you...what kid WANTS to do this??!
Yeah, that's my kid.
Totally switched at birth, nothing like me as a child.
He has had his heart set on going to Northside Prep since 4th grade and now that it has climbed to 14th place on the list of best high schools according to Newsweek, this program will greatly increase our chance for a spot in the Class of 2014.
So, to award the kid for his amazing accomplishment and to keep tabs on him while he is studying in the city all summer, I broke my cellphone rule that he had to wait til his 13th birthday.
He's pretty happy.
I was out at the new store, CraftFancy, on Saturday attempting to make all the baby goodies fit into the baby section of the store, which is nearly impossible.
The great news is that we passed the Village inspection today and will be opening our doors on June 9th! {I am working on editing a video I took on Saturday for a sneak peek for everyone this week}
I have officially quit my office slave job with corporate america and have my last day of sitting and typing on June 7th.
I am ecstatic about this and kinda stressed at the same time, trying to tie up loose ends before I am gone.
I've pretty much run the business on my own for the past 9 years, so I need to teach my boss how to use a computer before I leave in two weeks.
This explains my lack of comments on my favorite blogs and the reason I have yet to fix my blog banner that I broke last week.
But I hope to check up on all my blogging buddies real soon.
And I truly hope this is not a peek at the way things will be once I am not sitting in front of a computer every day and don't have time to surf the web and chat online with my friends...that could take some major getting used to.


Rita said...

WOWZER! Luv your RAK's girl!

A BIG CONGRATS & hats off to Max! You must be so proud, I can hear it in your voice! Nice phone too there Max!
By the way hats off to you too & congrats on your big career move! Good luck & I wish the best for both you & Max.

creativeapples said...

wow! congratulations Max! and congratulations to you for quitting your icky corporate job and taking the plunge!!!! I bet this will be amazing for you!!!

Melissa said...

Awesome news all the way around! Looking forward to seeing the video....

Many Blessings,

PS - I LOVE that first RAK!! :-)

Unknown said...

Great RAKs! And how proud of the kid are you! I'm proud of him, and he isn't even my kid! LOL!

Congrats on the career change. I'm excited for you!

Abra Leah Cross said...

Such excitement!! You must be so proud! It's a great accomplishment for him. Can't wait to see the layouts for when he graduates at the top of his class! :)

michelle sturgeon said...

Wow, that is amazing news for Max! A cellphone! Woo0-hoo! Oh, and the school thing is pretty cool too.

Lisa said...

Wow!!! You and Max are both to be congratulated. Way to go! That cell phone rule is outdated, you will find that you like him having one. It will give you piece of mind when he is not with you, plus you can call him constantly and bug the s!?t out of

liz mataraza said...

that first card is cracking me up! congrats on Max...that is amazing.

your boss will be lost without you, it seems...

it also seems that my assistance in the blog banner department did not help. not sure what to do now.

rak on my be sure to stop if you can!!!

InspiredByInk said...

off topic... Thanks for my RAK!! I'm calling it a coincidental BRAK since it came near my birthday. I appreciate it!

Bobbie :)

sandra said...

hey, congrats to max! northside prep is awesome. i had a friend go there and my brother was accepted but ended up going somewhere else (long story).
from the little i know, he'll learn and have a great experience.

Cricket said...

Go Max Go!! How totally fabulous for Max!!

yay on the new start in life...can't wait for the store to open up and I can come visit and play!!


Paula said...

Hip, hip hooray for Max!!!!! Best of luck with the store, Simone. I can't wait to see the video.

Josie said...

Yay for quitting your office slave job!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see the store : )

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Dont you love it when the kids are brainy smurfs? lol. My god son is exactly like MAX and I think they about the same age? Maybe off by a year or so? He also went to genius course like this too. However - it is not as nice as the one that Max is going to! How cool is that! At latin and EVERYTHING. WOOT! GO MAX! I am so glad he likes his new phone. :)

I cant wait to see you in Craft Fancy! Remember - I am only 2 miles away in case you need help with anything! It is going to be AWESOME! HUGS!

Greta Adams said...

i am sooo happy for max...tell him to give me a ring a ling on his new

Risa said...

I'm so proud of Max ...way to go Max!!!
I'm as excited about the new store opening up as much as you are...I hope we can buy stuff on-line.
Hang in there Simone, we understand and hopefully you can stop and smell the roses soon.

Karen said...

Huge congrats to Max!!

And yay to you too- go, Mom!

Crafty in Calgary said...

Wow! So many exciting things going on in your world! I am thrilled for you!! :)

Deborah said...

Wow you are such a busy bee! Great news for Max! Good luck with the store! Love your adorable RAK's! You go girl! Take good care! Deb

Margie Higuchi said...

Hi, Simone! Heard the great news about the store from Traci. I was out there last Saturday...don't know if that was you or not but I was the one peeking in the window at 9:30am! LOL!! The store looks wonderful and am excited for it to open! Good luck with everything! MargieH in Schaumburg