Sunday, April 13

Mother of One, Again

No, the mother does not read the 'ol blog.
She most probably doesn't know what a blog is.
And if she did, I wouldn't care...I told her all this in person and on the phone.
Us, single moms need to stick together!
Which is the reason I watch this kid to begin with, to help out my fellow SM.
But last week was so mentally exhausting, I was completely worn out on Saturday.
I did absolutely nothing.
Max was so excited to have order in the house again.
Went to a family dinner and took some headshots of my baby brother, but that was it.
And yesterday was pretty much spent the same way...doing nothing.
I watched bad Tv and stayed in my jammies all day.

This page is up at Scrap Your Crap for the challenge this week.

It's Tool Time over there this week.
So pull out your tools and try to use 2 or more on a layout, project, card...whatever, just use them!
I used my Sizzix (the old school red one!), my Bind it All and the Cropadile on this page.
And I realized that I broke my Cropadile!!
Has anyone else done this?
The little nib that holds the eyelet to set it was broken off.
I guess I don't know my own strength.
And now I need a new one because it sets the eyelets all wonky without that piece, which is why mine look weird here.


Mimi said...

I went to a SU Workshop last month, and apparently at that workshop (after I left) her Cropadile broke.

Bizarre. I'd call customer service.

blah said...

Congrats on being back to normal in your home. I know when I keep the kids' cousin, it does throw the dynamics off a little and it amazes how lippy some kids can be.

I didn't know you could break a CropADile--I'd contact them and see if they can replace it. The worst they can do is say no.

Libby Hickson said...

Glad you had a relaxing weekend - your time with the extra kiddo did NOT sound fun! Love this page!!! Even if the eyelets are wonky (which I can't tell btw!).

Greta Adams said...

love that layout!!
and congrats on winning noel's challenge now you are GDT for the go girl

Josie said...

glad life is back to normal
and yeah for days in your jammies and bad tv
oh and did i tell you, you totally hooked me on america's next top model
there are way tooo many crazies in this world

Paula said...

Simone, I thought mine was broken off too. Sometimes the nib thingy gets stuck inside, try pushing it in with a paper clip or something to see if it springs out again. Just sayin......

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

ahhhhhhhhh....Peace....Sweet Peace...have you tried the CAD II yet?.....if you're gonna get a new one might want to invest in the WIDE MOUTH gets in the middle of the scrapbook pages! daughter is bizzzzzzzzzy planning our CHITOWN trip!!!....I am soo excited!Creative blessings, Debbie

Risa said...

Very nice layout Simone!

Cricket said...

fabulous layout! Hey, bad tv and jammies all day sounds wonderful!! You totally deserve a day like that after last week!


Crafty Connie said...

Okay girl, out of those jammies and let's do lunch real soon. Glad that you are back to only one young man in your household and the peace and quiet that brings. Great layout!

Joanne said...

You are one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet... Besides that, I love your scrapbook pages. Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Oh love love love this layout SImone ! And congrats on the Noel challenge too !
Have a great week !
Jenn :)

Lisa said...

This is awesome! I have that bind it all and that is a great use for it, I'm glad SYC did tools this is helping me remember what I have under all this crap! And it's great seeing other people's uses for the tools.