Monday, March 3

My Miss-Adventure

Here is a brief recap of last weekend's Miss-Adventure.
The kid, Josie and I arrived safe and sound Friday night.
Not a single aviation glitch.
Josie was sitting a few rows behind us with a woman changing her burrito eating baby a few dozen times.
I was sitting on the aisle where I witnessed a woman lay flat out on the carpeting in the middle of the aisle about 3/4 of the way through the flight.
With her face pressed to the carpet, she calming explained to me and the flight attendant that she was just really dizzy and felt so much better clinging to the airplane's carpeting installed circa 1975.
That vision alone, almost made me require my barf bag.

On Saturday we ventured over to Elizabeth's house for her big birthday celebration.
We also visited the LSS in town (video coming!).
There was food.
And many presents.
Oh yeah baby...Look who's got a new gun!Here's *e* with her little Bella and her awesome Mom, Juls.
This picture was right outta the camera...they are just that good looking.

And Aimee was there too!
And who could resist using our wooden angel wings as 'staches!
Here's all us gals!

The next day we drove to Alabama to visit our buddy Nancy.
I told Max I was on my blogging world tour 2008.
We stopped at the beach for a few photos.Sometimes the kid was cooperative, other times not so much.
Now, this gal Nancy I have known for a while online.
But in person...Oh my, a thousand million times better!
Her hubby is a dream.
He was cooking, cleaning, tending house...this man is a prince.
And her would make you swoon. (video coming!)
Here we are after we were well fed and laughed until our bellies ached.We stopped to see the Katrina memorial and snap a few more photos...just cuz.
The lighting was perfect too.
The rockstars...On Monday we were flying back outta New Orleans.
Did I mention I went to four states last weekend?
While in New Orleans we got to see some sights.
Like the St. Louis Cathedral.

We even went inside although I feared one of us would instantly burst into flames upon entering.
My money was on her...she was wearing the shirt that said sinful!
(might as well have worn a target!)
And we saw Bourbon Street.
When asked how Bourbon street was Max has been replying, "stinky".
I think he thought he was a politician that day.And right before heading to the airport, we stopped at Cafe du Monde to get some beignets.
Max has been requesting that I make some, I told him I could just get him a big bowl of powdered sugar...pretty much the same.
We took our extras to go, good thing.

Then we were off to the airport for our 4pm flight.
I called on the way, since it was already raining or sleeting in Chicago.
The new departure time was 5pm.
We checked in, the lady at the desk told us it would be closer to 6p than 5p.
We figured we were in for a long wait.
So we planted ourselves in seats between 2 gates, ours and Los Angeles.
NO is a small airport.
And we waited.
Or backs to our gate, the whole time someone stayed in our staked out seats.
And at about 4:45p, I looked over my shoulder to see...No one.
Everyone in the Chicago area...GONE!
We ran to the screens to see if the gate had changed.
The only other Chicago flight was American and we were flying United.
I called, it said our plane had left at 4:39.
So we head back out the security gate, because there is no one to be found anywhere and are met with the most unpleasant woman.
She had a hard time believing we were at the gate the whole time and missed the plane. do we!
I am so lucky, a thousand times over, that Josie was with me.
I felt like a complete moron, but it wasn't just me.
We all missed it.
So, our only option was to fly to Denver and then Chicago or wait til Tuesday.
So we flew to Denver.
And once on the plane to Denver...there was a computer problem.
We sat on the plane without taking off for almost an hour!
To make it up to us, they let us watch Dan in Real Life.
Then off we went.
We knew it was gonna be a close call for us to make our connecting flight but we figured...what else could happen?
Well, as we got closer to Denver, we were stuck in the air because of a storm.
And as we landed....we missed our connecting flight.
We just had to laugh and half cry.
Then when we ran our butts over to the nearest desk and got a new flight.
And guess what?
That flight was delayed too.
We finally got back to snowy Chicago at 2:15am.
And then we had to find our luggage that had arrived home many, many hours earlier.

After that it was off to the public transportation for a ride home that made me wish I had been packing heat that night.
Josie almost became a 48 hour missing person mystery.
And we were finally home, safe and sound after dragging my luggage and a tried boy through the snow, at 3:45am.

That whole last 12 hours was dreadful.
But all and all, it was a marvelous time with awesome people.
And I will only travel with Josie from here on out.
No one can appreciate a mullet like that girl.


Rita said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great time & an even greater adventure getting home! This could only happen to you girl!

Michele Kovack said...

Only you could tell a story like this and have me giggling! What a trip home! I'll give ya a call later this week.....

Noel said...

Wow...awesome photos!! You mean to tell me that Greta did not disintigrate into a pile of ashes upon walking into church??!! Surely you jest!

So it sounds like your trip home was like an episode of the amazing race...ahhhh!

Deborah said...

What a scene! I have the 8 x 10 glossy on this one! Funny now but I can only imagine what a bummer it was for your two! Deb

michelle sturgeon said...

OK, aside from the horrible airport/plane fiascos, your trip sounds amazing!

kat said...

Holy cow, what an adventure. Glad that you had a great trip (apart from the dreadful way home).

Let me just say that during my five years in my old job with a major airline, you are among a thousand people who sat near or even at the gate and missed their flights. Information policy at airports is generally totally messed up. Poor you.

M. said...

I agree... that airport is small! I'm glad you went to NO, it's amazing, isn't it? I miss it... in so many ways! Looks like you had a fun time with the girls and the kid! Great photos too. :)

Josie said...

i laughed all over again rereading about our little adventure! It was a nice trip down memory lane and even though it was just a week ago it feels like months..
I still had so much fun and can't wait to travel with you Max again!

liz mataraza said...

you girls look like you had a blast! and max too! sorry about the plane fiasco, but you made it home safe!

Greta Adams said...

bwhahahahahhahahahhah girl i am in hell with my post i am routing them to

Nancywithajones said...

OMG I ddnt know abut the flight missing and stuff HOLY CRAPP girl see a girl goes in the hospital and tis is what happens dayummmm i still think greta musta had soem holy watr stashed somewhere or she would aburst into flames!!

Juls said...

Great pix from your was wonderful to meet you and Max & Josie (Aimee too) !!!