Friday, February 8

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Snapped these pictures Wednesday during our whiteout.
It was insanity.
The kids were coming back from dodgeball at the park and I had to get a good perspective of just how snowy it is here.

These were taken late which is why the color is a bit off.
The snow is mostly still there, we had some sunshine today so a tad may have melted but for the most part my street still looks like that, slush and all.
Lovely driving and parking conditions.

So, I have been snowy.
And unproductive.
I have videos taped and trapped in my camera.
HD formatting is holding my videos hostage and they aren't playing nice with the mac at all.
Totally makes me want to throw my camera out the window.

And I hear more snow is on the way this weekend.
Can't wait for summer when I can complain about the heat again...

There are some great challenges over HERE this weekend, if you're looking for a little inspiration.
I'll be attempting to complete all the challenges if the weather cooperates and I don't freeze my patootie off trying to sit in the back porch crap room.


Lesli said...

That's alot of snow - I live in Montana and we don't have very much at all this year!!! I enjoyed reading your blog!

Risa said...

Hi Simone!
I'm so tired os the snow and cold too! I think I would rather complain about the heat. lol
Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Paula said...

Simone, I like the pictures. The blue light conveys the cold feeling. There's something about the light at dusk in winter that I'm liking. Stay warm, girl.

Sharon said...

Simone, At this point I'm thinking summer will never get here. The only good thing about all this is that it does keep me inside stamping more.
Stay warm,

Noel said...

Love the snowy photos!! I miss living where it snows...I grew up in Washington but have been in Cali since I was 9.

Oh...and I linked up SYC on my blog...woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I love that photo, it is beautiful ! Havent seen any real snow here in NJ either , bizarre, we are due ! Though im not missing it , just the pretty photos i can take of it ! Spoken like true scrappers ! lol .... Have a great weekend !

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

Sooooooo pretty!!!...I would just be happy with a couple of inches!!..Stay warm!!....I am so excited about your videos...hopefully you can help them ESCAPE from the camera..onto your blog!!...creative blessings, Debbie

Unknown said...

The snow really is beautiful, but I cannot imagine having to live with that! We don't get snow here in Louisiana! If we have a hard freeze for one day we think it's a tough winter! LOL!

Crafty Connie said...

Hang in there Simone, we are expecting some more of the crystalized water this afternoon and evening (2/11), yippy skippy!!!