Thursday, February 14


I love referring to today as VD.
Makes me giggle and amuses me to no end.
I am not a Valentine gal.
My man gets off scot-free today and Sweetest Day for that matter.
I just don't like the whole obligation part of these Hallmark holidays.
I am a simple gal who loves a simple lovenote on the third Wednesday of April, just 'cuz.
Forced romance does nothing for me.
But these showed up last night with an apology that they came from the grocery store with the gallon of milk I had requested.
Are you kidding me?
I love you because they aren't from a florist and they came with milk!
I love romantic guestures that have grocery essentials attached.

I don't usually buy any sort of Valentine for the kid either.
He doesn't care because he knows his mom will buy him candy or a Weekly World News in a checklane any 'ol third Wednesday.
But last week, I bought one of these because it reminded me of those necklaces that were so popular back in 1985.
Half a heart for your BFF, half for you.
Well, he offered me half of his BFF kitkat.
More evidence I am raising that kid right!
And see the picture of the roses?
It was taken this morning.
People, we are having a heatwave today...40 degrees! (and sunny...woo hoo!)
This was the first morning in a very long time that I didn't have to brush snow from my car or try to pry open frozen doors and the kid didn't have to suit up like this...
Lucky for me, my Valentine loving friends still send me cards for VD, so I've gotten a little happy mail in recent days.
This little Octi came from Miss Elizabeth.
She drew this little, huh?
She had some available in her etsy shoppe at one time, you can go there and check it out, they may have sold out because they are awfully cute.

And my buddy Paula sent me this little non-Valentiney looking greeting and I love it!!
She usually sends me a little sunshine in my greetings which I always appreciate but from now on, if you could send pure HEAT, it would be great!

And this is a leftover Birthday greeting I totally forgot to post, sorry.
Awesome Rita sent it to me and I love the shopping bags...looks like me coming outta the Target. She also tagged me with an Excellent Blogger Award which I greatly appreciate and am flattered.

I am resolved to lose a little pudge before my tropical getaway, I just have to.
I am not a person who is happy being scantily clad when I am not looking my best and if I am uncomfortable in a bathing suit it will make for a very long miserable vacation.
We are talking beach, poolside in shorts the whole time.
Not gonna work.
So I will make an attempt to eat more often, that is actually the majority of the problem and maybe workout just a tad.
I'm sure full reports to follow.

And about the videos....
If anyone knows anything about Youtube, .mts files, conversions, Sony Vegas Pro, formatting...oh heck, videos in general....shoot me an email.
If you can help a techno moron out, there are gifts involved.
Retrieved the videos off the camera now, look great on my screen, then I post them and they look like total crap!
So if you're looking for a video, that explains a little of my current headache.

Happy VD People!


Mimi said...

VD giggle.

The flowers and the KitKat are awesome! Wheeee!

Rita said...

How nice that your son shared his candy with you! I would have kept it! Hehehe!!!

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

OOOOOOOOOH...what a YUMMY idea...a BFF kitkat bar!...much better than the cabbage idea!(altho I do love veggies, myself!)
So, I will STOP pestering you about the videos and try to beeeeeeeee patient....Its just that now I am intrigued to be a stalker in your WORLD!...BTW...YOU MUST shoot me an email and reveal the 3rd wednesday mystery...I am intrigued!!Hapbeeeeeee VD, to you!!! crack me up!

kat said...

LOL. Glad your kid's one to share :)...Happy Valentine's Day

Crafty Connie said...

Happy VD to you too!!!
I told that to everyone that I encountered today and they all said "you wish me venereal disease?" How silly people can be. Love the love that you got from your son and that special man.

Michele Kovack said...

On my home from work I stopped at Jewel to pick up some Fannie Mae for Brian and of course a homemade card. He comes waltzing through the door after work with none other than the SAME box of Fannie Mae....and a non homemade card! I guess great minds think alike! See ya tomorrow. Been crap room....just in case : )

Paula said...

Glad you had a good day, Simone. 40 degrees, Wooo Hooooo, break out the grill! Spring will be here soon.

Jenn D said...

I gave you an award for excellence -