Tuesday, February 5

Snowy Days

Dang groundhog, would it have killed him to just come outta his hole and chill?

These photos were taken last Thursday, before our big snowfall Thursday night.
Yes, I said...BEFORE.
Friday was unpleasant to say the least.
There was about 40 minutes of digging and clearing.
I was splashed with slush by a lovely public transportation vehicle.
Then Sunday night it snowed again.
Monday morning there was more digging and clearing.

Now I hear we are getting MORE snow.
Way more.
I heard someone say 10 inches??!!
Can this be true?
If that is the case, pray that tomorrow will be a snow day for the kiddos.
The public schools in Chicago haven't had a snow day in 7 years.
So everytime it is horrid outside, you will be happy to know my kid is at school.
And I am the one who has to get him there.

Looks like my snow removal fairies will be busy tomorrow.

Yes, the kid is wearing goggles to shovel and it wasn't even snowing!
"I have to protect my eyes, they're the groin of the face."


Crafty Connie said...

Give that great young man a giant kiss. I LOVE that phrase "the eyes, they're the groin of the face". Wow so profound.

glo.riah said...

"the groin of the face".
i'm telling ya,
that kid is hilarious!!

Melissa said...

Hahahahaha! I've never heard it put quite like that! Hahahahaha!

Many Blessings,

Paula said...

Your child is going to give you migraines when he gets older, LOL. I had one just like that (girl). Ya gotta love them for the ingenuity. And, that snow is making me so cold Simone. Yuck, bleh and phooey. shhhh...it's 85 here today. I have my air on cuz the house got too hot. Could I live in the midwest? NO WAY

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

OH MY...he DOES have your humor!!...look OUT!!!...you're gonna need LOTS of deep cleansing breaths!!

Michele Kovack said...

Max, Max, Max....You crack me up!!! 10 inches again? ARe you freaking serious? Maybe another snow day......we'll be at school until AUgust!

Melissa K. said...

HA! Groin of the face. That ROCKS.

I'm going to have to use that on DH when he doesn't use safety glasses.

Donna Baker said...

girl - you need to come to Austin! It was in the 70's this weekend and today it was 80! I coulda wore shorts to work (but of course I would have been told to go home & change)