Wednesday, January 9

Better Photos - Week 1

Before the holidays I mentioned that there was a free course coming up if you wanted to learn more about your camera in 2008.

It is on my list of resolutions for the new year.
Well, the first "lesson/challenge" is up and posted over HERE.
It's all about aperature and fstops.
She even explains how to find out what your lens aperature is.
That was the first step for me, I am clueless.
These things with numbers always confuse me, but I think I actually grasped the concept for a change.
Smaller number, less in focus!

Here's my scrapbooking assistant, I call him Mr. Gluey.

Mr. Gluey and I are currently fighting.
He almost completely ruined a whole book over the weekend by spewing suddenly.
Most days he is pretty reliable, we've had a long love affair, but I may be moving on soon enough based on his most recent behaviors.


Tanis said...

I have to check out that photo course...i need help too.
Quick Dry Tacky is my best friend. I love it so much.
Except I can't find it anywhere now! Michaels, Superstore and Zellers all bought the wrong stuff. So I picked up what I thought was Quick Dry Tacky, but it was really Quick Dry (not tacky!). The stupid stuff stinks, dries blue and dries too quick. So watch out when you buy your next bottle...they look exactly the same. I need to go yell at Michaels now so they know.

Jenn D said...

Thanks so much for the photo link! I want to learn more about my camera too. I am so bad with following through though.

I about choked on my water while reading about Mr. Gluey's Spew!

Melissa K. said...

That adhesive you've got a crush on, I just ordered. It's in transit to my house. I know you visit my blog, so if you're feelin' patient, you could see what I say about it when it arrives. I think it's supposed to come on Friday?

Mrs. Nancy G said...

A glue love affair...what a concept!


Jessrose21 said...

Spewing must run in Mr. Gluey's family, because that happened to me, too. The glue glob just missed my project I was working on, so I lucked out! I've yet to find a glue bottle that doesn't clog up on me.

Greta Adams said...

spewing is a man thing girl!! bwhahahahahahahahahah

anyway...i got a small crash course from e hubby but i need more...i will be checking out that