Wednesday, November 21

Thank You

Just wanted to give a huge Thanks to everyone for your sweet words and wonderful emails.
I am always touched by the kindness of people I don't even know in real life.

It will be a long trying weekend for me.
I don't do well with wakes or funerals.
Never have.
Even if I don't know the person and am just attending out of "obligation" (aka. the boss' mother), I am still a wreck.
I have a sort of panic attack at these kind of things.
I just sorta freak out.
And it ain't pretty.

I'm sure I will spend most of the weekend with my steady flask at my side.
My grandma would have appreciated that anyways.
And I'm not taking the kid with me because I don't need him seeing his mother flip out in public, I'll have plenty of family there to remember and recall the tale for him when he is older.

I think what will be most difficult is that years ago I lost my "real grandma" on Thanksgiving and it has always been a hard time for me.
So the most recent events, at a similar time and another grandma is stirring memories that I would rather keep buried.

Make sure you hug those you love extra tight this holiday season and tell 'em you love them, you never know when it could be the last time.
And for christ's sake, if you're a smoker....quit already!
My grandma never smoked a day in her life but got lung cancer from secondhand smoke, waiting tables for years.
If it can kill someone just standing near you, it will definitely kill YOU!
Doesn't your family deserve to have you for as long as they can?


Donna Baker said...

you're right, Simone. Remembering you lost your 'real grandmother' around the same time is making this more difficult for you, you'll be in my thoughts & prayers. I really feel losing someone around the holidays usually makes it harder. I am an advocate for non-smoking too (tobacco is evil) My mom died of lung cancer and it caused my sister & BIL to quit & I am so grateful for that! {{HUGS AGAIN}}

Crafty in Calgary said...

Hang in there, Simone!

clhenry99 said...

I am so with you in that boat. I wouldnt have taken my kids either. Freaking smokers!! Hang in there honey. It is rough and sucks but remember all your good time's with her.