Monday, September 10

This is ME Journal

Finally got all caught up on my This Is Me Journal.
Here's a look at the cover.
In case you haven't seen these challenges yet, they are all posted HERE and they have really been a fun little project that has really made me ask myself some cool questions.

You can use any sort of "journal" or album you want to keep all your pages in, so for this project I used the binder from the Making Memories catalog I got back in 2005 at CHA. I have been holding on to this binder, thinking...someday I'll use it, someday.
Well, finally I have a perfect use! (or remembered I had it)
I covered the spine and most of the cover, so you can't even see what it's original purpose was and it is a sturdy little binder.
The pages inside measure 7.5 x 8.5 (I know, weird size) and have 6 holes. I kept one page from the original catalog as a guide to make the holes (good thing I thought of that when I saved the album!)

There have already been six challenges, the most current one is HERE but you can join in now and work from here or back track and complete them all or just the ones you want...Really, it's that simple.

Here are my pages, so far (all but today's challenge)

This was my genius moment so far making all these pages, I used the negatives from my American Crafts stickers to make the title letters for this page. Really it is the only cool and creative thing I've done in the whole album thus far!

All the pages were done with the Scenic Route, Ashville Collection and I can't get enough of it. I just love how easy it is to use and the colors are just so wonderful, I can't stop using it on everything!
I'm so proud of myself for actually completing these challenges for a change and now that I am caught up, I think the 2 pages a week (Mondays and Thursdays) will be no problem to keep up. Plus, I am loving the questions. (they would also make some good blog posts, if anyone is looking for things to write about!)


Michele Kovack said...

This is totally you! The "kid" will appreciate this when you are like 70....and he can talk about the "old" days with ya! I feel guilty that I don't have a "ME" book.....

Tisha said...

Simone - These pages are really amazing! I read your Ultimate Mix and I think we may have been separated at birth (or in our early twenties!) I didn't think anyone knew Flesh for Lulu!! You rock - girl!! Thanks for sharing ... you may just inspire this committed card maker to start scrapbooking!!

Jo said...

Hey Simone, how've you been??? I've been lurking about, reading but not commenting - that's kinda bad isn't it and I feel bad for not letting you know that I'm keeping up!

I loved reading about your ultimate mix, it was you list of fav. songs & artists that drew me in in the first place - anyone with the at least some of the same taste in music as me must be COOL! I was glad to see you had Mandika listed, most people only think she existed after Nothing compares 2 U. My fav. track from the 1st album is Troy.

Love the ME album, I'm going to look into this further!

Paula said...

Great project, Simone. Love the papers and "stuff" you are using. Post more as you get pages done.

Risa said...

These layouts are so cool and not one picture! You did a great job with your "Me" book.!

michelle sturgeon said...

These pages are great. I especially love the IMHO page...cracked me up!

Mimi said...

So awesome! I LOVE it!

clhenry99 said...

so jealous! I need to do one of these...especially for my kids to have someday. you did a great job. it is so cool

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

What an awesome journal! You always ahve such great ideas!