Friday, September 14


Yep, it's Friday again and there is a weeks worth of nonsense just whirling in my head, so here goes...

* Made up two new words last week.
I make up words all the time, I know I am not the only one.

Spookify: to make something spooky or scary.
ex. I can't wait to spookify my house for Halloween.

KaWow!: combination of kaboom and wow, when something is so amazing or cool it explodes in your mind.
ex. The group of people who have signed up for my Halloween swap are really KaWow!

* This contest to win a trip to CHA next year in LA is really amazing and the other prizes ain't too shabby either!

*I feel like I need these handpainted tiles but don't have a clue what I would do with them once I get them.

*Drank coffee last Friday morning and I swear I had a stomachache for 2 days.
I don't think my tummy can handle coffee anymore.
Why does that happen?
Can I really be that old?

* I am struggling through 5th and 6th grade homework these days because of my afterschool babysitting gig.
Love the daily reminder that I know less than a 10 year old.
And the recipient of my sitting talents goes to a different school than Max and all his homework comes home in spanish.
So, if you thought 5th grade math was a doozie try it in a language you barely learned in high school.

* I definitely feel I need this Bakers Edge pan.
Who doesn't love brownies with perfect edges on each one?
And I hear you can make killer lasagna in it as well.
It's now officially on my Christmas list.

* I (reluctantly) have started my Christmas list.
I am a total grinch about Christmas and don't even like to think about it til at least Thanksgiving.
But I never know what to tell people to get me.
What do I want?
And I've got a lot of people who ask this question.
So, I figured, keep a running list, everytime you are out shopping, jot down the things you want.
Kinda like window shopping, on to a list.

* I'm working on my owl swap which is due to be sent out on Monday.
Don't worry, I'll show you if I finish.
I mean when, When I finish.
I, like many other people, stress myself out for no reason about swaps.
Especially if you see that your partner's got skills.
And my partner has mad skillz.
So, I put the pressure on myself that this swap must be the bestest thing I have ever created, in fact the most awesome thing ever created in the history of time.
Needless to say heavy drinking has been involved in the process.

* I'm taking out Max's Spooky Town this weekend and I don't even care that is still September.
I hate taking it all out, setting up, just to put it right back in the boxes.
So, we are officially spookifying the house starting now.
And I already bought this little guy about a month ago, as soon as they started putting them out.
We will stay Halloweened til about November 10th too.
Just because I won't want to have to put it all away.

* Has everyone seen the goodies at the Target dollar spot lately?
Tons of scrappin' goodies, of course I started to use and didn't take a picture of...stupid me.
If you are buying from the spot, I don't recommend the gel pens.
I was excited as you to see them there and better yet...a brown one!
But 2 of the 4 that came in my pack fell apart immediately after I took them out to use them.
And the ink is very drippy, so more comes out than necessary.
Not good.

* It's going to be a high of 60 degrees here tomorrow, nothing like going from 90 to 60 in a matter of days!
Funny how when summer is ending, 60 is like freezing and we start to pull out coats.
Then, when winter is ending, 60 is like shorts weather.
Needless to say I will be sporting a sweater and jacket on the soccer field tomorrow.
But then again, I am one of those "always cold" people.

Have a lovely weekend peeps!


Mimi said...

KaWow! I love it!

Fall is here as well - time to put up my sandals and shorts, and pull out the long sleeved tshirts. I'm not quite ready for sweaters, but that'll be here by the end of the month.

What a cool pan!

michelle sturgeon said...

Spookify is now on my list of cool words.
I can hardly wait for this swap. I wonder who I'll be paired up with? Oh, it's so exciting!
I bought two new halloween decorations today. They were only 8.00. I will post pics on my blog tomorroe.
I love your Friday Ramblings.

michelle sturgeon said...

OK, that pan is cool. You could make cool snake cakes or worms, or caterpillars. Or a maze. The possibilities are...well, not endless, but there are lots of them.

Risa said...

I love your randomness, it's funny... on the days you don't post a card I still enjoy myself here!

I gotta have that baking pan cause I love the crust on brownies and cake.

Yes.....I make up words too but I don't dare print them, they might band me from blogging. lol

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Simone, you are a talented writer. Have a good weekend:)

kathy said...

Love the new words. Today we finally got rain(no rain since July) and perhaps our 90 degree whether is finally gone. they say tomorrows high is 78. Time to close the

Paula said...

Come to Florida, Simone, it's hardly ever cold here!!! I don't think I could live in Chicago, it's tooo cold.

kat said...

Love the baking pan. Where did you see that?
Unfortunately Halloween isn't such a big deal over here but in good old tradition I will carve a pumpkin and hang some decorations. Maybe I should go for a trick or treat in the neighborhood just to see the neighbor's faces :)

Michele Kovack said...

YOu are so on the money with the cool weather at this time bringing out the jackets and at the end of witner people are in flip flops and shorts! I WANT to see your village when it is set up! I am not quite ready to "spookify" my house just yet! Talk to ya this week!

Deborah said...

You are just too much fun! I certainly get a hoot from your blog! TFS- Deb

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Kawow and spookify. Love it!

kathleenh said...

I like that word "Spookify"! I spookified my house in late August this year. I just couldn't wait! I have all this cool stuff and I kept seeing more cool stuff in the stores so I pulled it all out and set it up.

I'm one of those always cold people too. The soccer game on Saturday morning left me with a deep down chill that I didn't get rid of until mid-afternoon.

Kristina Lewis said...

I hate aging!! I can only have one cup of coffee a day! I used to love drinking it all day! Spookify is a word I am definetely using! You are so fun! I love the tiles, but $60 seems high. The brownie pan is a must!! ((hugs))

Crafty Connie said...

You could use the cool kitchen tiles for a serving tray.

Greta Adams said...

a sweater and a jacket...that is KA_RAZY!!!!!!!! i am still is tank tops and flip flops wishing for a smidgen of coolness....