Wednesday, September 12

My own HS Flowers

Like many other crafters (you know who you are) I tend to hoard supplies, even collect a few precious ones and I think some of the reason is my thrifty-ness.
Ok, I'm cheap.
Poor, is more like it.

So, when I buy something I really like, I tend to hold on to it, admiring it's awesomeness through its original packaging.
Some things I even remove from the plastic and caress, gently.
And other things I may use just one of two in a package of 6 because I want them to last forever.

These Heidi Swap Flowers were like that for me.
I loved them the minute I bought them, like 2 years ago, and have only used like 2.
Because they were like $4 for the pack and my calculations tell me I better really like what I'm working on to add one of these pricey babies.

So, I had a thought last weekend...
What if I could make my own, something similar at a fraction of the cost.
I do this quite often when I am shopping at the LSS.
I ask myself, often, can I make that myself?
If I can, I don't buy, I attempt to make first, which is usually way more stressful than just buying the thing.

But I had a thought about these flowers, that I could easily recreate them.
I have flower stamps.
I have white ink in several forms.

So, I did.
And this was my first attempt, White Craft Ink on Vellum, embossed with White powder.
Not too bad.
And I love the sheer flower.
While making your own Mock HS, be sure to be careful and don't burn the vellum, hate when that happens!

Stay tuned for my second attempt, it is so Heidi-esque it is hard to tell the difference!


Rita said...

That's what I like about you, Simone, your resourceful!!! Great idea! I luv it! wow, look at all these exclaimation marks!

Mimi said...

You are so brilliant! I LOVE this!

(I know nothing about hoarding, nothing at all...)

Paula said...

Oh how cute!!! And clever of you....I must imitate you when I next make a card.

M!ssPr!ssy said...

super nice. hoard? who me? have you seen my amuse stamps that have gone uninked at my blog? no. i can see why you like these stamps

Michele Kovack said...

I am bowing down to you now....oh great one...LOL! What a fantabulous idea!

Greta Adams said...

oh girl that is just ingenious!!!

Jo said...

Love the flowers & the card. So the question is - Who made the stamp?????

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Gorgeous card and absolutely gorgeous flower!

Risa said...

What a brilliant idea!!!!!!
I have to try this for my spring cards.
Your flower is beautiful Simone.

Crafty Connie said...

You rock Simone.
Leave it to you to figure out a way to recreate something that you like for a portion of the cost.
The card is awesome!

michelle sturgeon said...

You are so smart...look at that! It turned out great!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I love it.

kathleenh said...

I LOVE that flower! Pat yourself on the back for using your creativity for coming up with a way to do it on your own. You go girl!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

What a fabulous idea!!! So cute!

Crafty in Calgary said...

I feel the same way as you. What a beautiful job you have done~!~

elizabeth said...

oh i love this!!!

you are brilliant :)

Melissa K. said...

I love your sheer flower, too! Very cute. :)

Lorrie said...

OMG! That's so pretty!!!!!!! Now I gotta try it! You are one smart cookie! TFS!

My Paper World said...

A fantastic idea, so clever, and the flower is beautiful,love your colour combo as well.