Tuesday, August 14


So all in the matter of two days I got tagged twice:

Once with this...

Malieta tagged me for the Thinking Blog, thanks girl. I never really thought anything I rambled about made anyone think anything.... but that I am a lunatic.
A lunatic with poor grammatical skills! (that wasn't even a sentence)
Nice to know I may occasionally make someone stop and think something other than that.
Bloggers that make me think:
1. My buddy Mimi: We have been blogging buddies for a couple years now I think? She is just enough like me and plenty different to make it a perfect harmony of friendship. And her posts are almost always deep, or at least I think so. And although I am not even a fraction as religious as she is, her thoughts are views on the matter always make me ponder.
2. Glo Girl: She is a person who puts it all out there too and I love that about her. She has ups and downs and it is all out there in the blog. Love seeing a different life unfold. Gloria rocks.
3. Elizabeth: I swear we have the same sense of humor. Seriously. Love that! And in case you missed it, she posted the secret to life yesterday. Ahhhh...if it was only that simple.
4. Melanie over at Mynee's Musings: She tells it like it is too. Gotta love a chick that actual goes on record saying she doesn't like Bellas. (I heard your gasp!) And man, I swear she leads an exciting life that I live vicariously through her blog.
5. Tara Whitney: Besides making me think that I will never be as good a photographer as her, I really look at her photos and try to memorize the composition, the positioning, the colors. Then I acually pay attention to anything that is written about the whole technicality of her photos in strives to become better. This is one that I read with both ears open...does that even make sense to anyone but me?

Then Michelle tagged me for Nice Blog. If anyone really deserves this award it would really be Michelle, she is truly one of the nicest bloggers I know.
And seriously, I think my family would disagree with ya, seeing as how I am known as the meanie of the bunch.
I must reserve all my niceness for friends only.
Too bad family, kiss my grits!
Some bloggers I think are nicey-nice:

1. Kristina Lewis
2. Melissa
3. Connie
4. Rose
5. Malieta

You may have already been tagged, but too bad.
I'll tag ya if I want.
Deal with it!
(told ya I wasn't that nice!)


Melissa said...

Thanks for the tag Simone - I'll see if I can find someone who hasn't been tagged yet and return the favor!

Many Blessings!

Mimi said...

Oh thank you so much for your sweet words! I agree, I am truly enriched by our blogfriendship, and I think you are the most amazing card maker EVER.

Rose said...

Thank you so much for tagging me! I'm sure this sounds super cheesy but I'm so honored, it's my first tag! I truly appreciate your kind messages you leave they always brighten my day!!

michelle sturgeon said...

LOL! It's a "Tag-you're it-deal with it!" kinda thing!

Crafty Connie said...

Thanks Simone for tagging me.
I have to admit that I haven't crafted in awhile so I have no crafty images to entertain anyone who may stop by my blog. I promise that I will get a crackin' and get something crafty up on my blog.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

Hey! thanks!!! that's awesome!! okay, now I really do have to get back to work!!!!

after I'm done reading one ... more.. post... :)

sorry haven't been keeping up this week - love your blog... but you know that. :)