Thursday, August 2

A Peek at the New Place

So, I realize that I have posted like No pictures of my new place since I moved a month ago and it was totally on purpose!
You see, I am totally challenged in the area of interior design...completely!
Can't match furniture or create a room to save my life.
I have pictures that need to be hung and have no idea, where, how high or if they even match!
So, most things are put away in the new place, but it is still lacking a little in the "feeling like a home" department.

My biggest dilemma is in the kitchen hallway, where I have this massive built in wooden hutch that is directly across from the bathroom door.
What am I supposed to put in this monster?
I stuck my cocktail glasses in there for now, they are kinda pretty, I guess.
But what else?
My dishes?
Wouldn't they get dusty?
Plus, well, they don't match.
Yes, I am over 30 and my dishes still don't match.
And how do I add little knicky knacky stuff without making it look like I am 15 again displaying my carebear collectables?
Here's a shot of the hutch, disregard the clutter that appears now.
The phone stuff has to stay there, it is where the jack is and there is no other place in the kitchen for message central, but other than that...Help!!From the other way, in case that helps in deciding what goes here.

This is the only thing I am certain belonged on the hutch.
Doubt he will come to life or anything, there are no doors on the hutch.
But we wish he would.
Max and I always say how cool it would be to have some little toys to come to life.

Coulda put him in the bathroom.
The medicine cabinet has doors and looks slightly magical.
But these guys were already in there and have resided in my medicine cabinet for the past 12 years.
Love seeing them every morning, still makes me chuckle.
When the kid was old enough to realize there were strange little toys in our medicine cabinet, he asked me one day, "Who is that?"
"Oh, you mean Gumby and Blockhead?"
"Yeah, why are they in there?"
"Why not?"

I have regretted saying that many, many times.
"Why are you wearing that shirt backwards?"
"Why not?"


michelle sturgeon said...

You make me laugh, Spazzy! "Why not?" I will start using that from now on!

Crafty Connie said...

You can put down a nice cloth runner/doily and turn your glasses over so that the don't get dusty. However, if they are very good crystal I wouldn't turn them onto their rims, too fragile.

You know me, I would put Mickey's up there. LOL!!!

katemade designs said...

2 Comments for you.
Comment 1: I have a similar cabinet, though not built-in, and we keep board games on the shelves. Oh how messy that looked. I got a SMALL cafe curtain rod and hung it inside the top of the cabinet and made a curtain to cover the mess. Can change it for the seasons/holidays though I am WAY too lazy for that.
Comment 2: My aunt was doling out the small bowling trophies she has won over the years to the neices a dozen years back saying she didn't need them taking up so much room. I passed - I didn't need it taking up room either. My sister accepted one and keeps it in her refridgerator. When people ask her why it's there -- and they all do -- her answer is right out of my dad's book of dorky sayings. "Everything has to be somewhere, that's where it is."

katemade designs said...

Ok just thought of another comment. When I was looking into which college to go to I considered going to the art school back home. My father asked me to reconsider when he found out that the English final exam's only question was "Why?" and the acceptable answers where "why not?" and "because." Dad won.

Lorrie said...

You crack me up!
I am a "junk" collector so I could fill that thing up really quick!
You could put some pictures in pretty frames in it. Maybe a candle and small floral arrangement.
Now, I'm off to find me a Gumby!

Michele Kovack said...

How about books? Don't you have any collectibles...not in the care bear department? ( OR Precious Moments? do you remember EVERYONE collected those? uuuggh!) Talk to ya next week!

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Well, I am a huge scrapper! I would put those cute lined baskets with my goodies in them.

Paula said...

I know how you feel about not knowing where to put things. My daughter flew down here to FL from PA when we moved into our new house and I just let her do her thing. She has a really good eye for decorating. Want me to send her to you, LOL?

Cheryl said...

I am just like you and am completely challenged in the decorating dept. What we did was go for a week's vacation at the Outer Banks, NC and have a decorator come in and completely redo our home. I came home to new living room furniture, the other furniture moved around, and the walls painted. It took me awhile to get used to it but I like it now!! This could have been a tv show. It sure wasn't my house when we came home!!! Good luck in your new place. I could fill that cabinet with junk!
Cheryl Sims

Jenn D said...

Don't feel bad about not having stuff on the walls. I've lived in my home for over 3 years and still haven't hung much. :oops: I keep saying I'll wait until I can paint. I envy people who can hang things and make thier home look so homey. That is not me.

Tina Suzan said...

I really like the answer "Why not?" I haven't spoken the words but believe me I'm sure "other folks" would be thinking I was thinking that because I am pretty much the only "adult" (LOL) that has little people all over my house too!!!! A few of my friends that make me smile are: Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Goofy, Yodo, Elmo (not talking!!) Donald Duck's nephews...I could go on..but it sure makes me smile BIG to know another "Adult" can appreciate the little person inside herself!! Don't worry about the house/unpacking/hanging things/putting things wherever...those "thngs" are lower priority to happiness, laughter, Peace of Mind (SU decison) and the little guy you tuck in every night!!!!
In Peace & Laughter,

Tina Suzan

clhenry99 said...

Yes, dishes will get about some small baskets with ivy, a few Pottery barn type decorative plates and such?? . Love the hutch though!