Friday, June 8

Enabler Alert!

After I got my new baby (Canon Rebel XTi), I was on a hunt to find a camera bag that would fit my "style" and protect my precious cargo.
I originally bought a crumpler bag (4mil) but it is too small for me to carry my camera, extra lens and flash. Granted I don't take zoom lens everywhere with me, but for a day at the zoo, I would probably bring all my stuff. So I need something bigger.
The new Shootsac by Jessica Claire is what I want.
It is the coolest new camera bag out there and so functional.
And you can pick your own covers so the style is all your own.
But it is way expensive.

She also has a blog with her amazing photography and more info on the bags.
Seriously, don't look if you don't want to want it!

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