Wednesday, June 20

Clean Sweep! - Freebies!!

Ok, so here it is, the big list of things I will not be moving to my new place.
You want it, you got it.
Now, please keep in mind that everything is free, but you must pay for the postage, I just can't cover 25 packages to be sent around the world.

So follow these simple rules and play nice:
* The first person to claim an item in the comments section of this post (at the bottom of all this), gets it. I will attempt to update this post as the requests come in, but if you really want something, I suggest you check to make sure someone hasn't claimed dibbs on it first.
* Each person can only claim a maximum of TWO packages. Seems fair, to give everyone a chance to get something.
* Each person who claims a package pays $3 for shipping and handling. I don't want to calculate anything separately, but I will if it is requested. All items will be shipped together, so you pay $3 total even if you have two items. The small items that can be shipped in a small envelope (the Alphabitties) will be only $1 but that is assuming that you don't claim any other item.
* Canadian gals...Add an extra $1 for shipping, so it is $4 for you girls. Someone tell me if that is reasonable.
* Yes, most of the stuff is used. But it is still very use-able. If you don't wanna pay the $$$ I shelled out for all this stuff, this is a HUGE deal. This has got to be at least $80 in paper alone! So, yes some of the stickers are missing and the stamps were used, but they are all good and free.
* When you claim an item please use the titles I gave it, makes it simpler for me to track and please add your email address and I will send out all final notices and paypal info for the shipping payment.

Ok, I think that is it.
Thanks for helping me lighten my load and I hope everyone gets what they want.

CLAIMED - Michelle

CLAIMED - Lorrietori


CLAIMED - Heather S.

CLAIMED - LauraCLAIMED - Stampin' TrishCLAIMED - ConnieCLAIMED - LauraCLAIMED - LorrietoriCLAIMED - Heather S.


CLAIMED - ScrappinTrish

UPDATE: I updates everything that has been claimed up til this morning (Thursday 6/21) and added who is getting it right above the picture. Please be sure to include your email addresses when you claim something, way to hard to open all your blogs and "find" ya, if you haven't added your email address, be sure to shoot me an email! ( Thanks!


Lorrie said...

ooohhh!! I want the Vintage Papers and Fiber Pack #2! Thanks!

michelle sturgeon said...

I would love the scrapworks papers (the first picture).

Laura said...

I would love the Fiber Pack #1 and the and smiley face rak.

Cat said...

Am I first to ask for the Smiley Faces? I'd love to have it!

Heather S. said...

I'd like the Templates and Tote Rak and the frames Rak

Cat said...

Sorry - pressed enter before adding my email.


Unknown said...

Hi Simone,
I would like the 3 Pigment Ink Pads. Not sure what they do or anything but they look
My e-mail is:
P.S. I still want the inks but when you send me my total could you tell me what they do? lol.. :)

katemade designs said...

Damn! Cat got the Smiley faces and I would have come to you to get them we're so close. Good luck on the move.

InspiredByInk said...

Hi, I'd like the frames RAK please if it isn't taken! Thanks!


Crafty Connie said...

I could use the film Simone since I am still operating in the stone age.

Unknown said...

I would also like the Clear Stamps.... Thanks!

Kristina Lewis said...

I would like the Arizona RAK! Thanks!