Tuesday, June 12

Challenge 7 - GLITTER

Challenge 7 is up over at the Amuseapalooza blog and it is time to add a little sparkle. You may use your choice of ink, papers, colors, stamps (please use at least one A Muse stamp if possible), embellishments, etc. but you gotta add the Glitter.


I have pretty strong opinions on glitter, love the look hate the aftermath.
I feel like Demetri Martin does

"I like to do crafts. I work quite a bit with glitter. Don't worry, I make tough
stuff, like daggers and skulls.
The thing about glitter is, if you get it on
you, be prepared to have it on you forever. 'Cause glitter doesn't go away.
Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies."

And people that have glitter pass it to other people without even knowing it. Those poor unsuspecting people just sharing a hug with a friend, then, oh, what's that? A little sparkle of something on your cheek??
You've been glittered!

I try to keep my glitter use to a minimum at all times and keep it as controlled as possible. I prefer stinkles or glittered pens as opposed to looks glitter but even those products run a risk.
When I do use glitter, especially in my house, I expect that I will be sparlking unknowingly for about a week and my poor son my find a speck here and there as well. Everybody knows how easily glitter goes airborn and travels with ya, out the front door and into your car, then to your desk at work and even sometimes to your mother's house.
Pesky little specks.

So, I'm not a fan.
Love how it looks, hate its devilish powers.

But I am in for the challenge.
Just don't visit, hug me or shake my hand for about a week.


michelle sturgeon said...

"Glitter is the Herpes of crafts"
That cracks me up!

Kristine said...

You are too funny girl!! I especially like the part about "stinkles" LOL!! I think it's stickles?? Anyway, you are so funny. I find the same thing with glitter...my kids end up with it on their faces at dinner time. I've gotta invest in some glitter glue---not as messy. :)

Libby Hickson said...

You crack me up! I agree about glitter - it totally has a mind of it's own! But I can escape pretty much unscathed when I use stickles!

Mimi said...

oh, what's that? A little sparkle of something on your cheek??
You've been glittered!

Yeah, water is down my front from that one! Bwahahhahahahahaha.

Lorrie said...

the herpes reference had me laughing! I love the way glitter looks on my projects, but I don't think my cats like it too well. They always wear a little after I use it!

Crafty Connie said...

Glitter, it really should be a four letter word. I don't use it cuz of the negative aspects. I have a bit of it if you would like it.