Monday, June 11

Birthday, Balls and Burnt Feet!

Well, it was this guys birthday on Saturday and as you can see, we are still having fun with the moustaches we picked up in Texas. Everyone was trying them on and it made for some funny photos that are just screaming to be scrapped.
We had some awesome Mexican Tortas with tons of yummy guacamole...delicious!
And the whole family was there, which is a feat in and of itself, which was nice. It is always fun when all my siblings are together joking and clowning around.
And do you have any idea how hard it is to wrap a ukulele?
With the moustache he said he would join a mariachi band and play in restaurants, the ukulele would make it easier to move around the place.

We also had our official last Saturday of Soccer for the season, thank god! (oops, did I say that out loud?)
We had a game at 11am, then the All Star Game at 2p, so it was a full day of soccer goodness.
Had my camera shooting away to try to catch some shots of my little guy. Seems I am a little short of photos this season.
It was pretty difficult to get any great action shots because his teams were getting crushed both games so much of the time it was the other kids that had great action shots.
This is my little guy taking the field for the last time this season...Yup, lucky number 13, that's totally us.

It was a perfect day on Saturday, 75 degrees and sunny.
Put on my SPF 30 before I left the house.
I didn't know you are supposed to reapply that stuff, I thought you only did that if you went in the pool....duh!

Well, I got a little sun.

People usually assume that because I've got that olive skin and good Mexican blood and that my entire family tans like beautiful Tropic gods that I do too.
Well, those people are dead wrong.
It's that damn Irish blood that makes my skin turn bright red with any sort of prolonged exposure to the sun.
So I got a little crispy.
And the worst part, my feet got WAY crispy.
I was wearing those cute shoes I bought.
I got some crazy sunburn on the tops of my poor feet.

NOTE : Apply sunscreen more than once in a day and put on feet as well!!

Hate feet.
Hate this picture of feet, but new you had to see to believe.
Looks like I visited a nuclear reactor last weekend and stood a little close.
I also burnt the top of my head, happens every year.
I know they sell shampoo with SPF in it, but that doesn't protect your scalp, only a hat does that, I think?
Anyone has a good solution for burnt head besides wearing a hat, let me know.

So I am emitting heat still today.
It's 75 outside right now and about 90 right around my desk!


Crafty Connie said...

I can fully grasp the crazy tan line thing. Happens to me each year and you spend the best part of the summer trying to correct the wanky tan lines.

If you have an aloe plant that might help. If not stop on by and I'll cut you off a chunk of my plant.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Those poor tootsies :( It is HOT and swltering here right now, I got kind of crispy this weekend too (fortunately mine is brown and not red). My scalp burns and it is BAD. No solution excpet for a hat that I have found. Stay cool!

Libby Hickson said...

Oh ouch your poor feet!! My solution to avoid bad burns is to stay inside. LOL! Sorry, guess that doesn't help!

Jo said...

Ouch your feet look sore! Hate it when that happens. I used to tan so well until I got sick many moons ago and had to stay inside for the summer. Since then, I burn like a crisp!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

that moustache is killing me... have to remember that the next time I visit the fam... makes for some GREAT photos. and sorry bout the burn.... I'm all Irish and, honey, I KNOW sunburn... yowza!!! aloe, aloe, aloe, baby...