Thursday, June 21

Amuseapalooza Challenge #8

So this week's challenge is to create a card design for a non-traditional celebration.
So forget about your Thank yous, birthdays and Hellos...make a card to celebrate the wackiest, silliest and craziest holidays.

You have til Sunday to post your card over at the Amuseapalooza blog.

Need Help?
To find a list of upcoming July Holidays click, HERE.


Elizabeth Royalty said...

Thanks for reminding me... hope I have time to get in on this. But the link didn't work for me - this one did, though:

my fave is the "please take my children to work" day (june 25).... hm.... who'm I gonna give that card to....?

and tomorrow is "stupid guy thing" day - couldn't miss that one if I tried!

Paula said...

I don't have a comment, just wanted to say good luck with the move.

michelle sturgeon said...

LMAO! That's quite a list! I have to say, though, that i think EVERYDAY should be "Don't Step On a Bee" day! LOL!

gloria said...

you are creating some downright AWESOME cards lately!!
(not that you didn't before, lol)
love them all!!