Wednesday, June 27

Ahhnouncing...Challenge #9 Entry

First card to fit this weeks Ribbon Challenge.
Found this ribbon over the weekend in a stash of ribbon I keep all tucked in a jar, looks cool but seldomly gets used.
The red and white checkered screams Summer! to me, picnics, kids, bright colors...all summer.
Used my new little announcer stamp because I just knew he was wearing that red jacket and it matched perfectly.
Once I started with this ribbon, I couldn't stop.
Used all I had, so expect to see a few more cards with this same color scheme.

When I got this little guy I kept asking myself, as I usually do before a purchase, what the heck will I use this for? What exactly is he ahh-nouncing?
This is how I stay on a budget and don't buy out entire stores...secrets of the frugal!
Figured he is announcing...Happy Birthday! or Congratulations! or You're Cool!
What can't he announce?!!!

So, yep, he passed the usefulness test and home he came.
To be turned into this...


michelle sturgeon said...

I love red gingham! In any form! As a child I had a few red gingham dresses my grandma (Mee Mee-you can see her on a scrapbook page on my blog sidebar).
He could also announce the location of this year's family pic-nic! I agree, red gingham screams summer and pic-nics!

Kristina Lewis said...

Oh, this is good! Love the ribbon. It's perfect with the circus guy!!

Swamp Tulip said...

Adorable. I love the colors and how you put this card together. Great job.


Unknown said...

Love the black and red. The ribbon is the perfect touch! Nice work.

Crafty Connie said...

Your announcer can also be used to annouce a new address, a party invitation, a new puppy or kitten...

Love the card!
I have spools of red and white checked ribbon. Just love it!!!

Greta Adams said...

and he is ahhh-nouncing how cool am I...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

He is too cute....and your card as well!