Tuesday, May 8

Thank You Thank You

Last Friday, after a long week, I came home to find not one but two envelopes that were clearly not bills. It truly made my day, nothing like a little note to make the day even better than a Friday afternoon is normally.
Max quickly opened the first card. I usually let him open the "good mail" although I don't think he appreciates it that much because after all they are never addressed to him.
He quickly reported back, "Some girl from Canada is thanking you for sending her something, I think. You're gonna like this card, it's brown."
Cool, I do love brown!
And sure enough, it was a little Thank you note from Allison for the Blog Candy I sent her for passing along a great idea for a tutorial.
Love the card, Basic Grey, brown and flowers...Perfect!

As I was admiring Allison's great card, Max was tearing into card number two. I was just thinking last week about how I hadn't received any RAK cards in the past couple weeks and had been sending so many, so the fact that I was getting two cards in one day was a real treat.
Max had the strangest look on his face.
"Mom, it's another thank you card, from Canada, and....Let me see that other card....The same handwriting. I think it is from the same person!"
Sure enough, it was a thank you card from Allison, thanking me for the same blog candy.
I swear I read the cards three times to see if I was missing something. My blog candy was not good enough to warrant two thank yous, although I loved them.

So, I can only assume that:
1. Allison has children and thus forgets things, like we all do.
2. She loves me more than other bloggers.
3. She wants us to be best buds...Well, OK!
4. She had to send me the 2nd card because it matches my living room perfectly.

So, Thank you Thank you, Allison!! I am now sending you a Thank you for your Thank yous, seems only right.
And if you haven't been over to her Blog, Stampin When I Can, you have really been missing out on the authority of Stamping blogs. She is truly the hardest working blogger out there in cyber space and I am amazed that she has enough hours in the day to blog all that and still stamp.

And now she is one of my best buds, so you really must!


Allison Rankin said...

I am a total ditz...that week I was catching up on all my RAKs and I guess I did you twice! My cheeks burn red!

Crafty Connie said...

Wonderful cards Allison!

Greta Adams said...

Allison is awesome...

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, great cards!

Wendy said...

This is so funny! I literally laughed outloud. Thanks for the sweet laugh. So nice of Allison to send you two cards even if it wasn't intentional! You get to enjoy an extra!

blah said...

Too funny! This is totally something that I would do :-)

great cards and you are a lucky duck!

michelle sturgeon said...

What a funny post! Number 2 made me burst out laughing!