Friday, May 11

PSA - Stay Clear of Wolf Camera!!

Saved my pennies.
Was finally gonna break down and buy it.
But thought that free shipping, free tax and free printer was the best way to go.
Man, was I wrong.
Shoulda looked here first.

First they wouldn't put through my charge and send me out my new toy, which I paid overnight shipping for. And now they won't give me my money back!!!
It's been days and I cancelled right away when I knew they were screwin' me, so I could just go buy it in a store and pay our ridiculous tax.

Warning....Do not buy ANYTHING from customer service and business practices ever!!!!
And if you are ever buying anything electronic and dropping mad cash, check here first!
Wish I did.

Now, no special mom's day gift for me.

1 comment:

Michele Kovack said...

REally? I won't go there then! I am in the market for a new camera too!