Thursday, May 17

In case you hadn't heard...

New Amusapalooza challenge was posted yesterday!
Make a card based on this sketch.
Prize this week is a One Year subscription to the Dirty Dozen from Splitcoast.

Made mine last night in about 10 minutes.
Then, realized I am shape-blind.
Yep, serious illness that affects only the spazztic.
Looked at the sketch and after I was all done realized...

It is a square isn't it?
Damn, my selective blindness.

I'll post my feeble attempt later.
And also, A muse released all new stamps!
Once I find some around me, I am so buying those gymnasts, they are too funny. And I love the hot dog on the stick, is that weird?
And if you want new stamps for free, don't forget to guess the stamps!!

1 comment:

Greta Adams said...

bwhahahahahaha yeah it is a square..unless we are both blind...possible though