Wednesday, May 23

Congrats to the Big Winner

Yes, I was waaaayyyy off in my guess about the A muse trunk.
Seriously off.

But someone got it right, Pam Becker, 956 Stamps!!
Way to go, you are one smart estimater.
And now she gets $100 in stamps, how cool is that.

So, if you are not registered you are missing out!! And remember they pick names from the people registered just because, yep, just 'cuz. So register today if you haven't.


Crafty Connie said...

Wow, I guessed 2007, I was WAY off!

Unknown said...

I was 1 day late signing up for this and did not get the chance to vote. :( I was going in the lines of 700 and some though, So I guess it wouldn't matter if I guessed or not.. haha..

michelle sturgeon said...

WOW! Nice! I love spending money guilt-free! Congrats to the winner!