Friday, April 20

Tag! I'm It!

Ok, so I was tagged by Jo and Kathy and couldn't be more flattered to be a blog favorite and yes, Kathy I am sure if we met we would be instant friends.
I think I am pretty much the picture I paint in my blog, Greta and Elizabeth agreed to stay with me based on my blog attitude and now we are the bestest of pals. (right?!!!!)

So, my task, to name 5 of my favorite blogs.
I noticed it didn't say crafty or stamping or scrapping blogs so I am going to venture outside that realm because it seems like every great blog has been tagged and there are so many non-craft blogs that inspire my life and my crafts that are really worth a look-see.

  1. Dooce - Her writing is amazing as well as her pictures. I love her honest attitude and she really cracks me up.
  2. Design Sponge - There are so many great ideas and color combos on this blog, I am truly inspired.
  3. Waiter Rant - These stories about waiting tables are truly entertaining and so well written I would easily read an entire book if this guy wrote one. Truly wonderful.
  4. She Finds - I am so not a girly-girl, so I need any sort of fashion, hair makeup advice I can get. This is the place to find the latest and greatest as well as a deal.
  5. Go Fug Yourself - This is where I go for all my celeb gossip and unflattering pictures of beautiful people. Most everyone knows about this blog, it's truly one of the best for celeb chatter.

I have a TON of crafty blogs in my list of blogs I love, so please know that the majority of blogs in my long list are craft related, just thought you might like a little variety. I hear it is the new black.

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