Tuesday, April 24

More Weekend Aftermath

Bought these....

I had a coupon and there was a bonus set of 12 too! (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it)

Made this with them, my first attempt....
I really stink at the whole coloring thing, but the samples I have seen with these babies on SCS made me think that I too can overcome my coloring disfunction. So I bought 'em.
I swear I heard angels sing when I cracked open the box the first time. The colors made my heart race. I sharpened each one very carefully like they were made of precious jewels and then put the warning out there..."Touch these pencils and you will regret it!"

Came home yesterday and guess who was coloring a picture with my "super special artsy pencils that cost mom too much money"...Yep, he couldn't resist the colors either.
He had a pretty strong defense.
"I was just trying to make you a pretty picture 'cuz I love you."
He knows, always suck up when you are in hot water.

Wanna know how to use these super cool pencils?? Check out the tutorial on SCS and don't forget to see the amazing projects made with them too!

I also got my last set of curtains back from my pal Connie. I neeed to have one pair hemmed and my sewing skillz are just not that great, so I recruited Connie, the master, to help me out. I had the other curtains up and just the middle window naked for about a month and everytime someone would come over they would give me an odd look.
You don't know about the new naked middle window craze?

So, it's nice to have curtains on all the windows and no more odd glares.

I am so lucky to have Connie for a friend because she is probably the nicest most genuine person you will ever meet. Lucky for me and my big mouth, when I ran into her about a year and a half ago, I didn't let not remembering her name stop me from chatting her up. We have been pals ever since.
Thanks Connie...Look, my window is no longer naked!
Oh and see those two plants...I've had them since January and they are still ALIVE!
I kill everything I touch and remarkably all my plants are thriving.
I think it is partially because I named them and I am so scared of killing things with names I am very careful about taking extra good care of them.
Does anyone else name things without a pulse or am I the only one?


Crafty Connie said...

Thank you for the kind words and I am glad that you "talked me up" because your friendship has enriched my life tenfold.

I would love to take the credit for the fine hemming work but I got a professional to do them due to time constraints and I didn't want to screw them up trying to "hide" the extra material.

The card with your new pencils is darling, as usual!

I too have named my plants and it is a way to make sure that your "friend" is well taken care of.

Michele Kovack said...

I think you did a great job with your coloring!

Jo said...

WOW they are beautiful. And the card is very cute.

Jackie said...

Those pencils are great - and you did a wonderful job with the coloring! I don't blame you for buying the whole set, wish I had instead of getting one here and there and not being able to find others!

Pegg S said...

Love what you made with the pencils! I can't wait to see what else you make! :)