Tuesday, April 17

The Bachelor is Killing my Monday Night!

Besides The Office, there are very few shows that I religiously watch that come on before 9pm. That's bed time in our house and the only time I am truly able to give the television my full attention and actually follow any sort of story line.
We don't have cable. (everytime I say that people gasp...I hear ya!)
So, my choices in viewing are very limited.
Monday nights was my night to watch What About Brian? That was my Monday show. I love it.

Well, it seems that the Bachelor has invaded my 9pm spot on ABC and I couldn't be more upset about it.
I don't watch the Bachelor. I have watched one season when Andrew Firestone was on because I just thought he was such a cutie, but after that I really had no interest in the show, no one ever married from it except that Trista chick.

So last night, with nothing to watch in my 9pm slot, I was watching the Dateline special on the Virginia Tech shooting. The more I watched the more upset I was feeling about the whole thing, scaring myself at the whole thought of schools not being safe. I had to change channels.
I flipped to the Bachelor and watched for only 15, maybe 20 minutes. He kissed like 4, maybe 5 chicks in the time I had it on.
Does no one else find this icky?
Am I the only one that watched the Bachelor last night and thought....ewwww.
Hugging is one thing, but keep your lips to yourself dude.
Sure, I didn't see him slip everyone the tongue or anything but I still think that was totally gross.

He needs a new time slot, maybe 8pm.

I can't handle the male slut. Seriously.
How long does a season last?
I hope not long.

Sorry for the rant, had to get that off my chest....Will post a new card later.


Crafty Connie said...

I too was forced to view some of the Bachelor. I saw some of the kissing and had the same yucky feeling that while he was smooching on a girl that others were watching. Creepy!
I also saw the rose ceremony where all of these women looked as if their world was coming to an end as each rose was handed out and they were waiting for a rose. What a waste of good TV airtime. Next time I'll shut off the box and read a book.

Greta Adams said...

i have watched every season of thebachelor except this one...i am tired of it!!!

the bachelor is comical...i watch for the comedy esp. the rose ceremony's...those girls know they can make some ugly faces.....bwhahaha

Mimi said...

I have this theory (I've waxed poetic on this before, so you may have heard it) Anyway - anyone who goes on national television to find a mate has a *reason* they are single.

Unknown said...

I'm with you...can't stand to watch it!

Jo said...

We don't always get The Bachelor here in Australia. I just don't get how you can delcare your undying love for someone you just met yesterday, who is getting it on with everyone else in sight. I'm not surprized that none have them have ever lasted. That being said, it's one of those shows that is SO BAD that I just have to watch. Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that I have 'tagged' you. Have a great day