Tuesday, April 10

Another Bloom for Tuesday

I am loving the Big Blooms stamp set, I can't get enough of the big flowers!
This card really challenged me because I rarely make a card with primary colors like this and after it was all done, I think I will be using these colors more often.

I am finishing up some swap cards for a blogger swap I joined quite a while back. In typical spazz fashion, I made a set for the swap last week and then decided it just wasn't good enough. So I sent out all those cards to other blogger buddies and started over. I like to create my own stress, apparently.
No problem though because I am working at home today due to some new construction at my office, so I have all morning to come up with something fabulous and make 7 of them.

Last week, one thing I did check off my list was getting my pictures developed that have been just hanging out at home for a few months. Because I am still living in the stone age and using film (I just heard the entire cyber universe gasp), I have to make plans to drive quite a ways from my house and get them developed and thus, I tend to wait a while.
Usually I wait so long I can't remember what is even on the film!
I know, I know...Get a digital camera for goodness sake. I will, eventually, when I sell a body organ or win the lottery.
Well, in the stack of pictures I got back were these babies of my little Max at his Ballroom competition back in February. He was in a program at his school similar to the Mad Hot Ballroom or Take the Lead movies and went on to compete for the city championship.
This was the first round of competition and for his school the last as well. They were completely adorable all proper and dressed up and Max can really dance now, so that his a plus that will come in handy for him at many weddings when he is older.
He took the program very seriously and practiced his little heart out, I am so proud of my little guy and you can clearly see his determination in these shots.
And as a plus, he told me it will help him with the ladies...Oh sheesh!


Mimi said...

So awesome! Go Max~

Greta Adams said...

Max is so adorable in his get up.....

girl i am sure the first set of cards you made were fabulous....unlike me i don't think i have seen you do anything bad yet....i do bad all the time...so cute int he head and so ugly on the paper...grrrr!!!!

Michele Kovack said...

What a cutie! What an adorable scrapbook page that would make!

Allison Rankin said...

Oh wow...I love this card...great colors!