Tuesday, March 13

Page for the Day

I should be working on projects that actually have a deadline, but instead I cranked out this 8x8 page while I made dinner. I was actually impressed that I could do both things at the same time.

I had one problem when I got a smudge on one of the squares, but that just gave me the idea to embellish it a bit and then I jazzed up each one, making the layout even better.
The picture is from 2 years ago. I went on a field trip with Max and while we were riding a trolley through downtown Chicago, I saw Max intently looking out the window and snapped this shot.
I love it.
My mother couldn't understand what exactly I was taking a picture of, "So, you just take pictures of anything now?"...but I always knew it was there. The look in his eye. The innocence, the intrigue, the curiosity...that's what I see in this photo.
It's always easy to scrap pictures you love and this one was a breeze, even while I was cooking up tacos!
All supplies, except the staple and the stitching, are Stampin' Up!©. One of the coolest things on this page is the little button in the lower right corner. It is a clear button that was jazzed up to look like that.
I learned some cool techniques at my Stampin' Up!© retreat last weekend and this was definitely one of them. I had been hoarding my buttons for over a year and the cool things that Mary MacKeller and Beth Zuller were demonstrating last weekend made me bust those babies out and actually use them.
I will be posting the tutorial for a Faux Etched Glass Button later this week. I used two of the techniques together to create this cool look.
Be sure to stop back this week, you won't want to miss this cool trick!


Jo said...

Love the photo and the layout. I'm looking forward to seeing how you did the button.

elizabeth said...

get on the ball girl, i wanna see that tutorial like now (even though i'm at work and can't even try it out...lol).

love the lo soooo much. love the white lettering on the black paper. love max's face. love it all!

Crafty Connie said...

Another WONDERFULL layout.
Definitely want to learn the cool tricks with the buttons.

Greta Adams said...

i can't wait to see that tutorial...i think i am going to dabble with the pinwheel on a layout and see what happens...

Mimi said...

While cooking? You rock, woman! Whohooooo.

I made cards last night, maybe tonight, I'll actually scrap. I'm loving my stuff.

gloria said...

coolness on a scrapbook page.

lol at your momma's comment.

::shakes head::