Thursday, March 1

Good Mail Day

Dontcha just love when you get good things in the mail?!
Well, yesterday I hit the jackpot.

My order from Oriental Trading (which was 15% off and free shipping) that I placed Friday and didn't expect for 10 business days showed up. Everything in the box was fabulous and the things that were chipped, were happily remedied with a quick call. Can you believe they offered me a $20 credit for the damaged merchandise to make up for it?!?! Gotta love that.

My last SAB order for myself came with a brand new little princess set, perfect for a little princess' birthday card and gifts! Also inside were brand new paper, blender pens and white embossing powder. That stuff seriously rocks.

Then I get home and there is a letter from a friend and no bills! YAY!
And to top it all off, Tuesday night, Betti and Barb, the stampgirls, came by to swap a stamp set with me and gave me 90 Chipboard Coasters!!! How cool are they?!
See all the goodies:
So, I have a ton of stuff to play with and I didn't even mention the things I picked up in my Target Dollar Spot. And not a second to play with them. I leave tomorrow for Michigan to do a little Stamping and Swapping and Demoing and I am not even ready. I had a dream last night I got to MI and had forgotten everything, even my clothes. It was a complete nightmare. Someone just kept saying, "You didn't even bring scissors?? What were you thinking?"
Hate those dreams.
I only have them when I am not prepared for something big coming up and I am definitely not prepared.
So, I will be staying up til the wee hours tonight and crafting like I have never crafted before! On the upside, sometimes this produces my best work.
We'll see, full report on Monday!

***SPECIAL NOTE: I am working on a kick ass (yes, I said ass) tutorial on how to make my pinwheel spinner card complete with pictures and tips and everything you can every want, but this last minute crunch will postpone this til first thing next week...Promise!!***


elizabeth said...

girl, those goodies are amazing!! what a great mail day :)

Crafty Connie said...

I love when the mailman brings things that are fun. I just wish he would keep the bills.

Have a great time in MI.

Mimi said...

What an incredible mail day! WOW! Enjoy.

Greta Adams said...

YAY girl rock on you said ass......
love all that mail....i have to make a order for melana's party i want to have on the 11th and no invites yet made....WTH am I thinking...good lord

Jo said...

LOVE no bills days - they just don't happen often enough. Seriously, we SO need the following stores in Australia: Michaels, Jo-Ann & Target Dollar Spot. Have no idea what Target Dollar Spot is but from all the super samples I'm seeing - we need one, LOL!

Alyssa said...

I got those same white wooden clothes pins from OTC. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.