Friday, February 9

What I have been Up To...

A little catch up and I preface this with a dual apology...Sorry for the length of this post and the horrid quality of these photos. My digital camera is a piece of crap, which I have said a thousand times before and the recipes pages were photographed at 7:45 this morning and I am not really at my best at that hour. So sorry, they are waaaayyyy better than they appear. I also forgot to take a picture of my sisters page which was designed by my pseudo-sis, Katie, it is amazing and hopefully the anticipation of seeing this amazing work will make up for the lack of preview.

First, the rest of the recipe pages:
April's cool Digi Page, better photo of it on her blog
Connie's Le Chef
Katie's Corn Cake Mine MineOh, this one is mine too If nothing else you can say I am a reliable host, I always fill in as needed and 42 recipe pages later, I am exhausted!

Last Saturday, I got up at the crack of dawn so my mom and I could take Max to see Body World 2 at the Museum of Science and Industry. He brought home the best report card he has ever had in his school career and what he really wanted as a reward was to see this exhibit. With the cost of museums around here I thought I would have to save up for a month just to have enough to pay for the parking, but lucky for us, last Saturday was a Free day, so we only had to pay for the Body World exhibit. (and it was not cheap!) This is a little snapshot of the museum as we drove by and missed the parking garage because I was taking this picture and not giving good driving directions.

Max loved the exhibit because it was just the perfect amount of interesting and creepy for him. I thought it was facinating but definitely not for the faint. There were no photos allowed in the exhibit which really sucked, but we took a few while we were walking around the museum.

Max ran up to this and exclaimed with joy, "Check it out mom, a double helix" Then explained DNA to me in detail. Gotta love a kid that understands the cloning process at 11, maybe he'll make me some money when he is older. In case you are wondering what the heck he is doing in this picture, it's the robot...He thought it was the appropriate pose for the double helix. Yes, that's my kid!
We saw the sub exhibit too which was closed the last time we were there. Max wanted to go in the sub but all the tickets were sold by the time we made it down there at 11am. I didn't really care about seeing the inner guts of the sub and really had no interest in paying any other additional fee, so that worked out just fine.
He wanted very desperately for me to get a picture that made it appear that he was standing with this guys from the sub exhibit but unfortunately I had the crappy digital camera and he was not happy with the results. I just let him know that this was the exact reason that Mommy needs to buy that super expensive digital camera so that he can get the shots he wants. I hope that works as an excuse.
Big plans this weekend....get those swaps in the mail, visit with my brother who will be home from college life for the weekend, a whole lot of nothing and meet up with Connie at the Archivers on Sunday at noon. If anyone else wants to join us, let me know. I will have swaps for all the local gals.
Have a great weekend!


Jo said...

Max looks like he's having a great time. The receipes sound great - wish we had Jr Mints here - a Jr Mint brownie sounds delish!!!

Greta Adams said...

oh man i can't wait to get those swaps in....those look delish....

max is so freaking funny....tht kid cracks my ass up

elizabeth said...

receipe pages look fabulous! can't wait to see em in person.

you are so lucky that you live in an area that has so much to offer families. seriously..esp. when they have free days. i'd be in hog heaven if we had things like that. i mean we do to an extent. but not like all that stuff you were telling us about last summer.

okay, enough of the ramblin'.