Tuesday, February 20

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday!
It seems only appropriate that I discuss Food first on this special day, so I will try to catch up on the latest happenings swirling in our lives.

Last weekend, while my brother was home visiting from college we went and checked out a new restaurant. (new to us, not new to the city) A place that specializes in Mini Food. I know what your thinking...Mini Food? You mean like smaller food? Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking and exactly what it was. I was intrigued at the notion of tiny food, perhaps making it seem that you are eating so much more or maybe so cute that the appearance of the food would make it all worth while.

So we headed to Lincoln Park to check out Minnies. I had my terrible digi camera in my purse, not sure why? but I tried to get some photos of the tiny bottle of sprite Max had to have and he insisted on getting in the picture. I also took a picture of the mini sandwiches but the pictures were so crappy, I'm not even gonna waste your time. You can catch a good look at them by checking out their website.
The place itself is adorable and I was so excited to get parking on the same block it made it that much better! It is all decorated in black, white and red in a 40s theme, full counter and soda shoppe in the front and then restaraunt in the rear. Very cute!
The food was OK. Nothing special and I thought it should have been for the price. The sandwiches were definitely cute and the small drinks just adorable, especially Max's tiny butterscotch shake, but for $4 it should have knocked my socks off. I mean, the glass could not have been more than 6 ounces. They did have a special of 3 sandwiches, fries and a tiny caarafe of wine (8 oz) for $13, so that may have been a better deal.
Enjoyable nonetheless.

Last week was VD and I did make just a couple projects to share. I am not a fan of VD but thought it a good opportunity to make a Chipboard box for my brother and give Max a little something. It seems like I am always crafting something for someone else or for a class or a fair, that the poor kid never gets any special handmade gift. So he got this little chipboard card.
I am lucky to have a coaster supplier so I get them for free and had a ton laying around. I made this little box and treats for my brother and sent it along with him down to school. Figured he deserved a little something because he is an awesome brother.
Both of these projects uses the Loves Me Designer Paper. Figured I should use it up because VD is now behind us. And the little box spells out N-A-T-E with Headline alphabets from SU! The rubons are the HS fuzzy ones and although they take a little practice, they are pretty cool.

February is almost over and I haven't even mounted one of my SAB sets! Yikes. With swaps due, an upcoming craft fair, a training seminar next weekend that I am demoing at, birthdays, classes and a huge contest I need to get going on...there is not enough time in the day it seems.

My computer at home is sick, or overworked. Apparently I have no more memory left. That's what I get for having thousands of songs! So, I'm not sure how to resolve that problem. If anyone has any ideas, tips, info on external hard drives...Send it my way!
Happy Fat Tuesday, don't forget to get your free pancakes, I think Max and I may head over to eat a stack.


Mimi said...

Free pancakes? How cool is that?
Great Fat Tuesday post, enjoy!

And, yeah, my Xavier could get down with giving up Lent for Lent ;)

Crafty Connie said...

Where's there an IHOP, I didn't know you could get the freebie today.
Love Max's card!

Jo said...

VD is over rated IMHO - this year - no card, no present, not even a 'Happy VD' spoken!!! Mind you, my card to my other half didn't get finished till 9.30 pm that night, so I really shouldn't complain too loudly,lol! On another note thou - it's so not fair we haven't got all the beautiful goodies you guys have :( I LOVE the 'Love Me' designer paper - Max's card and Nate's coaster box are SO cute (those little chocolates look good too - another thing we don't get here!)

Alyssa said...

Who knew...free pancakes. I'll have to pass that info on. Thanks!

Love your coaster stuff. How on earth do you get free coasters? My friend just told me about making mini albums with them, so I am looking for a source...other than swiping them from Red Robin!

Greta Adams said...

i wish i had a supplier for coasters.....lol i have to steal them...shhh don't tell anyone....

love all your projects and i am not a VD person either...it's stupid...

i need to get busy on melana's invitations since her birthday is on the 10th...grrrrr!!!!

elizabeth said...

love your projects and when we head back up to chicago, the mini food will be a must. how stinkin' cute!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Minnies looks super cute! I need to go there on my next visit to Chicago!