Monday, January 15

Reviews and Views

Shirataki Noodles
Start of every year, especially in January, I go all out and try to eat better, healthier and lose a little of that winter fat. I like to think that this year it is just another step in the year of "new".
So, I had heard about these amazing noodles that had only 3g of carbs and only 80 calories in a huge bowl of them and I just had to check them out.
They are called Shirataki Noodles. I found them at the Trader Joe's but I hear that they sell them at Whole Foods as well. When I was inspecting the noodles at the store I over heard too Lincoln Park Trixies refer to them as "taki noodles", so they must be pretty po
pular to have their own nickname.
Well, first off, I have to say that the label that read Tofu, scared me right away. I usually stir totally clear of anything Tofu or Meatless because in past experience it is just plain bad. I was also taken aback by the fact they come in a packet with water. But the 40 calories per entire bag kept me thinking...."This is gonna be good, real good."
I had plenty of recipes to choose from that I found online on this great website But I went crazy and cooked up my own concoction. I made the noodles the way it said on the back of the package. I rinsed the hell out of 'em like it said on the website and took some tips from them as well. As I was taking all these steps just to make the noodles for my dish, I noticed that the regular spaghetti (that I was making for Max) had 210 calories for only 2 oz. and these noodles that I was practically jumping through hoops to prepare were only 20 calories for 4 oz.

I added meat, a little Trader Joe Marinara sauce (no sugar) and a tiny bit of parmesan for taste.
I was quite excited.

All my fear about them being horrible was gone in the time it took to pull together this 200 calorie dish.
Then I tasted them.
It is the consistency that got me. Like I was chewing on rubberbands. Ugh! Not noodle-like at all. I had the fettuccine type noodle, so maybe the spaghetti is better, but not anywhere near a noodle. For the first couple bites I was sure that I was on Fear Factor eating a bowl of worms and I had to do everything in my power to get my mind off the consistency.
I ate the whole bowl. Every last noodle. Figured I wasn't going to let all that time and energy to make them go to waste. So, they are that bad. But I don't know if I would eat t
hem again. At least the fettuccine type. I may try the other, after I get over the ewwww factor I am still feeling.
Taki Noodles: Great low calorie alternative with a terrible taste.

Rocky Balboa
Over the holidays I saw two movies, and Rocky was the first.
Max and I were totally psyched about seeing this movie because, besides Rocky V, we love the
movies. I remember as a kid seeing all the movies with my dad and since then, Rocky has had a special place in my heart. Plus, he beat the Russian in the 80s and I always thought that was the coolest.
For the first half of the movie, I kept waiting for something to happen. And laughing at the dialogue. But then, once the training got started, we were all geared up. Max was throwing punches in his seat, getting totally excited. And then the montage, got quite a few eyerolls from my brother, but I thought it was great. And the music....It was like I was a child again.
So, yes, for the most part it was quite cheesy, and it could have easily been a TV
movie instead of the big screen. But I was still happy I paid movie price to see it.
Rocky Balboa: 2.5 stars, a definte rental

Pan's Labrynth
The second movie I saw was on a night I found myself childless. No, I hadn't sold him on the black market as I am always threatening. I wanted to do something that require no dressing up or primping and my brother was in town. He is a bigger movie snob than I am, so I knew it would be fun to see a great movie with someone I could talk to about it detail for hours afterwards.
The movie was only playing at two theaters and we opted to return to the theatre where we saw Sideways in Evanston. They have incredible seats that tilt back and the most amazing
popcorn you will ever taste for $7.
I had watched the trailer before going to this movie because up until that point I hadn't even heard of it and boy did it look scary and good. I asked my brother if it was in english because the writer/director is from Spain and he didn't know but thought it was. Well, it wasn't and at 10:30 at night, I have a hard time staying awake much less reading a whole movie.
I was worried.
About 10 minutes into the movie, I was so enthralled in the story and the cinematography that I don't think I even blinked in the whole movie. Only once I closed my eyes because of the gore, but I didn't miss any of the storyline. The film is billed as a "grown-up fairytale" and just as it claims, it truly is. Waaaaayyyy scarrier than any fairy tale I have ever seen and had me on the edge of my seat every second. And not scary in a Saw II kinda way, but more of the Rosemary's Baby/The Shinning kinda way.
Loved it!
Totally not for children!
But waaaaayyyy Good.
Pans Labrynth: 4 stars!! Highly recommend, especially on
the big screen because it is visually stunning. The trailer is great too, check it out!

And I leave you with a card.
Made with the Bodacious Bouquet Brass Template for all the dry embossing. And the stamped inside is from All in a Row. All the colors are In Colors which were new this year and all
coordinate really well, especially for this spring-like card.
The buckle is a piece from the Hodge Podge Hardware and that is Vanilla Grosgrain Ribbon.


Crafty Connie said...

Glad that my New Year resolution was to get organized and not to eat better because it sure doesn't sound like eating better is any good or fun. Glad you survived your meal and hope that the next healthy venture proves to be more tasty.

Super great card!! Love the colors and the dry embossing.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! I love checking it and finding new comments! Anyway, I love your Stampin' Up! card. I have a ton of SU! stuff and now I think I may have to add this to my list! TFS.

gloria said...

but do you like tofu otherwise?

i do- as long as it is the "cheesy" texture, not the "sponge-y" texture.

i wonder if i'd like them...

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

RFLMAO at your taki review! No thanks! Anything Fear-Factorish is a huge NO in my book!

elizabeth said...

noodles packed in water.....eewwwww!!

love the card girl :)

Mimi said...

I so want to see "Pan's Labrynth". Maybe Dh and I need a date night this week?

But, we'll skip on the taki noodles.