Monday, November 27

Family Photos

So, in between everything going on and keeping me busy beyond words, I managed to organize a family photo shoot for one side of my family. (the tree is a crazy one) The weather here on Friday couldn't have been more perfect for this shoot and my family was so cooperative, it truly couldn't have gone any better.
It is hard enough to get 9 people together, let alone not kill each that was an accomplishment!
I enlisted the fabulous April to come and take our photos. It was nice to actually get into a few photos for a change. And I swear I don't think I have a family photo with all of us together.Yes, that is my hair sticking straight out to the left of my head...what can I say, this is the windy city. The colors are wonky in this photo thanks to Walgreens. You can see the background looks almost as if there is snow in the trees, but I swear it looked nothing like that and there was not an ounce of snow, the sky was bluer than blue. So, the photos are currently being worked on by Wolf Camera, so fingers crossed that they come out a little better than this!

And a nice picture of the me and the boy. I know I was talking through my teeth in this photo and my mom said she could tell, but is a total mom shot and besides the people in the background (which can be photoshopped), I love it.

So super big thanks to April and my family, who put up with the posing and walking and gave me a whole day to get some nice shots!

I have a ton of other photos like my Christmas tree (yes, it's up it too soon?) and new cards with new stuff. But, alas, no batteries, so it will have to wait.


SuburbanMom said...

Wow - you guys look fab! truly fabulous :)

gloria said...

great shots!

and no, it is not too soon to have the tree up.

i put mine up every year right after thanksgiving dinner.

i am an impatient woman, though.


Crafty Connie said...

What a great family picture. April is amazing!

The weather was great so that you could get an outside photo without all of the heavy coats typical in November.

Mimi said...

Very nice photos indeed!

elizabeth said...

love, love, love the pics. especially that one of you and max.