Friday, October 13

The Swaps are In!!

The swap cards from Elizabeth and Greta made it here! Yay! Someone can explain how I sent a package to Mississippi priority mail and it took 2 weeks, Elizabeth sends it and it comes the next day?!?!?
So all swaps will be sorted and sent back on Monday. There were even little presents in the package and I love love love the flowers!! Max was tickled with the sudoku book, but I think what made him giddy (literally) was that "she remembers me". Now he is officially in love with Elizabeth. He's making you a card and everything! Can't stop talking about Elizabeth...good thing he doesn't have your number girl!
The goofy face is totally on purpose. He is sticking it to me about making him "practice" for the upcoming school photos. So now everytime I ask him to smile, they get goofier and goofier. He enjoys the torture of making me worry about getting another set of terrible school photos.

I have been working like a fiend on Craft Show projects. These little baby onesies may be the death of me. The damn transfer paper I bought sucks, so now I have resorted back to direct stamping. They are cute so far but it makes me a nervous wreck stamping directly onto the shirts, one smudge and they are no good. Plus, I haven't a clue how much people pay for stuff like this. It seems to be my problem right now...pricing. I want to make things affordable enough so that people buy it without underselling my own stuff. So look for many more projects next week and the question...How much would ya pay for this?

Here are the projects we made a couple weeks ago for the Love Your Heart Workshop. Just a peak. Again, a thousand thank yous to the fabulous ladies who came for a lovely afternoon.

I especially wanted to show the gum holder. It was such a big hit and I transformed it into a Halloween treat idea too! The word window punch perfectly fits a small crunch bar. Convenient. So, if you are looking for a cute way to give some treats to your ticksters this year, it is an adorably easy project. I WANTED to show close up pictures of the gum holder at the bottom of this photo, but Blogger sucks and it refuses to let me. What a jerk! So you will just have to check out this cool chicks version on Splitcoast. Curse you Blogger!!

It is still fffffreezing here. Luckly they came and turned on the heat in the apartment yesterday, although it is still a little chilly for me. I have no thermostat, so no way of controlling it because the heat is included with the rent. Which is good because my gas bills were off the charts last year. The only problem is I would turn it up just a bit if I could.

I will be freezing my ass off tomorrow morning 8am at a soccer game and then it is craft craft craft for the rest of the weekend. I have some little girlies coming tomorrow afternoon for a workshop. I will post pictures next week. (if blogger lets me) Have a fab weekend!


elizabeth said...

i'm so glad that it arrived safely.

i'm also tickled pink that max liked his goodies. how i could i forget him when he was gracious enough to let us sleep in his room.

ya know, i'm kicking myself in the ass for forgetting that check. i intended on sticking it in there at the last minute and got sidetracked. i know you prolly think i'm full of shit, but its the truth. its on its way.

gloria said...

those are totally CUTE onesies!

i am always worried about pricing too...that's one reason why I turn down ladies who want me to scrap for them!!

SuburbanMom said...

Everything looks wonderful! the onesies are adorable - I would totally buy one for my cousin who is expecting. How much to price them at? hmm, not sure...I would def. pay $10 for go from there :)

Greta Adams said...

i would pay 10.00 for them....i would start with that and you can always come down a bit if necessary but i don't think you will have too....i might have to try those for my craft fair as well....

glad you got the package

Mimi said...

Pricing! What a chore.

I'm so excited and congrats to Max.