Wednesday, October 25


The Birthday cards are all done and swapped, so a new round begins. As usual, I am the most easy going, non-stressful swap hostess in the history of swapping and with the impending holidays approaching (unfortunately, bah humbug) this swap will be no different.
I thought it would be fun to use a scrapbooking theme and create something functional. I love when my craft projects are pretty and functional...double bonus.
So without further ado.....The new Swap...

6 x 6 Recipe Pages

Sign Ups: Everyone must sign up by November 15th

Due Date: After the Holidays!!! February 1, 2007 (plenty of time!!!)

What you will need to create: Using all your favorite supplies, you will be creating a 6 x 6 size recipe card/page. This can be a jazzed up little page with a recipe card on it, it can be a card in and of itself. That is up to you! Feature one of your favorite recipes that you absolutely love. It can be an appetizer, entree, dessert, cocktail...whatever your tummy loves.
There are no requirements on supplies at all, just make sure you are creating pages you, yourself would love to receive. Also, for all you digi gals (April), I welcome and encourage some digitally created pages, that would totally rock!
Total number of pages will be announced and emailed to all participants after November 15th!

What you will get: In the end, all these pages will be a whole recipe book of great recipes. And bonus, it will be totally cute!

What to do: Send me an email or call to sign up. Then create your pages and send them to me. (address to follow in seperate email) Also, include a return envelope and postage if I am sending them back.


Ok, so now some of you are thinking, "I don't cook" "I'm not that good a scrapbooker" I don't know any recipes" These are all valid points but feeble excuses. Everyone has something that they know how to make or their mothers cook for them that is fabulous, so get that! If don't cook, well someone in yuor house must and you will appreciate the new dishes. We don't need museum quality artwork either, just some kickass recipes.
So join us and shoot me an email or call and let me know you are in!

I am looking forward to some new recipes to get me out of my spaghetti rut!

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Crafty Connie said...

Count me in even though I have never completed a scrapbook page.