Wednesday, September 27

Here Comes the Vent...

I have wonderful pictures of the swap cards I have received, except blogger is a jerk and wouldn't let me upload them yesterday, so it will have to wait til this afternoon.

This is just one of the many things making this week completely crappy so far. Included in my long list of gripes this week:

* Max is still mad at me for thinking that a 10 year old shouldn't have a cell phone. I am now officially the mean parent and from what I hear he is "never gonna forget this". I thought for sure my promise of teaching him to use a pay phone would win me some points but shockingly it just made him angrier. Seriously, he is 10!

* Men suck.

* Washed Max's new white Hanes Tshirts, they are now 1/3 the size. The other Tshirts we already had, also Hanes, are perfectly sized but these new ones will only fit a 5 year old now. They were size 10-12.

* Car broke down again and this time it is definitely gonna cause some serious cash. I thought it was the battery so we replaced that and now they are replacing the alternator. Whenever it is a part I haven't a clue about....I know it is going to be costly.

* Got a couch in my living room finally, so I can stop living like a single guy who just moved out of his parents basement. No more milk crates for me! Except, I seem to be allergic to the new (used) couch. So far my attempts to spray it with allergen Febreeze and cover it with a pricey $50 slip cover has not worked, so I may have to go back to the milk crates.

* Along with the couch, I also got a cool red chair which really helps the white wall situation in my apartment except with the green curtains that are in the living room it looks like I am ready for the holidays a little early.

* Went to Officemax this morning to get a catalog bound like I did last year and apparently not every employee is fully skilled in the art of binding. This guy told me that I should go back to the same store that did it last year and have them do it again, he wasn't that trained. What?!?!?

* After Officemax, I made the mistake of going to Target to exchange the unopened package of Hanes Tshirts that I had not shrunk yet. The extremely helpful employee who wouldn't get off the phone will she helped me because apparently she was right in the middle of a "she was like, he was like, I was like" recap, wouldn't just let me exchange them as I wanted for a larger size, she had to give me a refund. Fine. I was too scared of being clawed to death by her 5 inch green nails, so I just took the refund. After I walked to the very farthest part of the store to get another package of tshirts, I returned to check out. I saw the Express Lane, no one there....Aha! I thought this was going to be my little treat of the day, fastest time in and out of a Target ever! I was wrong, way wrong. Apparently, the lovely older gentleman checking me out took that opportunity to figure out more features of his cash register. He called over a supervisor to show him how to suspend a transaction. I didn't need suspending. I needed to pay and leave. Then he brought it back. Voided it. And then rung it up again. What the hell? I was ready with cash in hand 5 minutes before he even told me a total and stop playing with the damn machine.

* Did I mention men suck!

* My computer and dsl line here at work are behaving badly. My computer has been shutting itself off when it feels like it and our internet connection just drops without warning. Real nice when your entire business is computer and internet based.

That's about it for the venting. Glad it is Hump day, only 2 more days left, thank goodness. I am getting ready for a Workshop on Sunday to support American Heart Association. I know I probably said it here before, but I will say it again. Heart disease kills 5 times more women every year than all forms of cancer combined! Be Heart smart and take care of that ticker ladies.

Cards later, promise.


Mimi said...

Oh dear, what a mess of a day. Shrinkage, not good.

The crop for the cause sounds good, and yay about the cards! I'm so excited.

Greta Adams said...

girl only you have that kinda luck...see we come to chicago and we bring you good such shit took place like that when we were there...bwhahaha

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

aye yai yai!! Hope it is better today!