Monday, May 8


Happy Belated Scrapbooking Day!
Ok, so I didn't go to the expo as planned. (long story) And I didn't get together with anyone for some outrageous crop. But, I did scrapbook this weekend, how could I not? I got quite a few pages done too! I would love to share them all, but the scanner at work is on the fritz and I only have a feed scan at home. (new scanner on my wish list)
So, I took a photo of one and of course the glare doesn't help it. But, proof, I have been scrapbooking! And it feels damn good to make something other than a card for a change!

And as a side note, there is nothing wrong with cards, or making cards...I love both. But lately it has consumed all my paper crafting time and I truly just love scrapbooking more. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
And also, I made about 6 layouts this weekend, but none for the contest that I am supposedly entering that requires 20 layouts. I am really doing a swell job on that one, eh? I still have time! (spoken like a true procrastinator)


elizabeth said...

i love your color choices for this lo and love what you have done with it. great job!

i wish that i would have had the time to scrap this past weekend. oh well, maybe next weekend :)

Mimi said...

Great color combo!

Greta Adams said...

you LO is great...i truly understand about consuming time...i feel like i make everyone else Lo's and none for my own books...isn't that ashame?