Wednesday, February 8

Max's New Best Friend

So, he got the Ipod for Xmas and has only taken the thing off when he goes to school. He is pod obsessed! He needs a 12 step program. We used to be buddies and chat quite a bit (we are both non-stop talkers), but now I have to talk to myself.
The sad part is half the time I don't even realize he has the thing on until I have had almost a complete conversation and then when I come to the end and add the "you know what I mean?", I realize from his lack of response, he didn't hear a single word. Plus, now I have my own personal radio that follows me around belting out every kind of music you can imagine. It is like he has #1. No idea how loud he really is and #2. Makes up all the lyrics when he doesn't know them. This problem has prompted my own mother, who is one of the least computer-savy people I know, to go online and actually print out lyrics to some of her favorites. She said it was killing her how he was butchering Tambourine Man. Of course she told Max she printed them so that he knew all the words because she loves his singing so much, grandparents are awesome.

I feel like this is a preview of what it will be like to have a teen and I am not liking it, I wonder what would happen if his Ipod was "mysteriously lost" for a couple days? God, I am a mean mom.


Mimi said...

Ack! I can only imagine.

Perhaps have certain times he can't have it on?

Greta Adams said...

I am with Mimi...everyone must have their "time" with the kiddos no matter how old they are