Tuesday, February 14

Happy Black Tuesday

I hate Valentine's Day.
I know I am in a minority here as most women are big fans, but I really think the whole idea really sucks. It seems like just a day to ensure that your man will buy you a little something on this one particular day. Personally, I prefer a surprise little gift on any 'ol day for no reason other than, "hey, just wanted you to know I love ya" That is so much cooler than Hallmark dictating when we get flowers and candy. Usually when I express my Anti-Valentine attitude people assume that it comes from the mouth of a bitter guy-less chick who is just pissed that I won't be getting that Bear with a heart today. But I am not bitter and I have a man, I just don't want any lame gift and I definitely don't want it just 'cuz he thinks he has to get one.
I love presents and flowers as much as the next gal, don't get me wrong, just not today. I have been like this a long time and people join my bandwagon the years they are single and all guys I know always respond with a "right on" when they hear my stand. I go so far as to wear black today and send out anti-valentine cards. I know a little extreme. But comical to me. And bitchy goodness which is always good.
Max loves Valentine's Day. It comes from his love for girls really. He is girl crazy, always has been. So, this morning not only did he "dress up" and actually comb his hair but he had also douced himself in Axe spray.

And this was the greeting I got this morning:
Max: Hey mom, Am I dying?
Me: Max, why would you say something morbid like that? Don't talk like that!
Max: No, Mom. Am I dead?
Me: Seriously Max, stop talking about dying you're creeping me out.
Max: NO MOM! I'm dead, 'cuz your an angel.
Me: Oh, thanks Max, I think.

Oh no......He's one of those guys.....ewwwwww. I so hope he didn't use that line today. I can't believe he knows that line and used it, he's 10!! I also hope he doesn't repeat what I said to him as he got out of the car today...."Happy VD!!"
That would be bad!


Greta Adams said...

hehehe i posted that on someone's blog and had to post another to correct myself...happy VD...rolling...i thought i was the only goofball...glad i have another one with me....

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahaha - Lord have mercy on the girl he tries that on. Giggle.