Thursday, January 26

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!

I just wanted to take an extremely quick moment and thank everyone who sent birthday wishes and get well wishes in the past few days.
Over the weekend, in typical spazz fashion, I took a lovely tumble down some stairs on an evening out for my birthday which was yesterday. Here, in Chicago, I should be used to the icy conditions of January but typical me had to go bouncing down while still trying to hold on to the railing. This resulted in some very nasty bruising and a pain that can only be described as worse than child birth. I have been flat on my back (which I know sounds naughty) since Saturday and this is the first time I am actually sitting up for longer than 5 whole minutes. I have missed work and spent my birthday hopped up on Vicodin and muscle relaxers. Par-tay!!
So, thank you for the lovely thoughts and emails. I truly appreciate it, it was the highlight of the week so far. I hope to be back to myself this weekend (hopefully, fingers crossed) and am now totally convinced that I NEED a laptop!
And anyone who is reading this entry that has taken care of me for the past 5 days thru the crying and helplessness......thank you so much.


Just Me said...

oh no!!! i hope you feel better!!! and happy birthday!!

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Greta Adams said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I am glad you are ok....


Mimi said...

Ooooh no! I'm so sorry.

Happy, happy birthday, though.

Just Me said...

i think i need some of those now that i'm back from body hates me...

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