Wednesday, October 12

What's New With You?

This is what is swirlin' in the noggin this week, so far:

  1. I could win a scrapbook store, apparently. Saw this on 2peas and has my mind in a tizzy! It could happen to you
  2. New KI Memories released at Memory Trends.
  3. The fact that I am not at Memory Trends and it is in Vegas, baby. Damn, I should be in Vegas!
  4. Thinking about Vegas past, planning Vegas future in January for my birthday trip which just happens to be around the same time as CHA. Convenient.
  5. ALL NEW STUFF at Memory Trends. It is not helping my lack of supply availability. Here and Here.
  6. The new Sufjan Stevens CD, Illinois. I love that song Chicago, it is uber cool.
  7. The new Heidi Swapp stuff released at Memory Trend.
  8. Loving The Office. Best show on Tv right now.
  9. Miss having someone to share the news with....missing my baby bro.
  10. Cutting LOST out of my viewing schedule. Too frustrating to watch. My brother told me the trick to watching that show is only watch every other episode because they always backtrack.
  11. Thinking about a Halloween costume and planning out little Max's.
  12. Spending the next 3 days freaking out about having my hair done on Saturday. The salon....very scary to me, I know it's only hair, it will grow back.
  13. Praying and praying that I find a place this week.
  14. Revising my list of man requirements. Currently there are 32 items, but I need to reword a couple and add 4 more to that list, bringing the total up to 36. This should guarantee my spinster nightmare.
  15. Working way TOO much!

That's about it, same old stuff, different day.


Collette Osuna said...

Stop working so hard lady.....and as far as LOST, Im feeling the same way..I really got addicted....but I agree, nonetheless....:)
Im loving the Memory Trends stuff coming out too..not too worry..your little hands will be back in the scrap stash before ya know it:)
Whachya gonna do with your hair? anxious to hear, and a little nosey too, hehehehe

Mimi said...

Ok, I love "The Office" too. And, an added bonus - I also love "My Name is Earl" the funniest hour on TV.

Memory Trends, just what my pocketbook needs to hear!