Monday, September 12

Meme Challenge #10

Another meme challenge was posted on 2peas today:

10 Memories from your School Years
(this could be embarassing)

  1. In kindergarten....I was in a daycare many hours every day and one day this older girl gave me one of those "fortune tellers" that you make with the colors on the outside numbers on the inside. You know..."pick a color, ok, pick a number...1-2-3...pick a number...." then you lift the flap and read it. Well, I was so excited to get one as I had finally figured out how to make the thing open and close, so when I got home I tried it out right away on my mother. Well, being a kindergartner, I couldn't read, so I had to have her read her own fortune. My mother read it and I was sent to my room. Apparently the little piece of paper contained naughty words....I couldn't even read!!
  2. In 5th grade....I had a birthday party and we rented the Thriller video (which included the making of Thriller rockumentary) and acted out the video. Taking turns with who got to be Michael.
  3. In 3rd grade...we had a mock election to learn about voting and politics. I had to be the campaign manager to get people to vote for the beagle as the top dog. Very silly, but memorable.
  4. In high school....We would make up theme days to keep things interesting. One day was brown knee hi sock day, one day was wear gloves day and then there was Robert Smiths' 40th Birthday so we wore party hats and badges. Fun and silly.
  5. In 4th teacher, Mrs. Wermich (the worm) used to have a funny expression for people who would state a definition of a word using the actual word. Example: silence is when it is silent and not noisy. She would say crack-a-lack is crack-a-lack.
  6. In grade mom used to make my sister and I wear moon boots instead of cool snow boots. Only the boys wore moon boots....and us, total dorks. Everyone called me frankenstein.
  7. In high school....I got an infraction because I got caught in the Little Theater with my friend, Jill, laying on the stage singing and talking to hear our echo. We were supposed to be in the library for study.
  8. In sophmore lab partner, Kristin Canino, while pointing to our frogs stomach, pointed too hard and flicked it across the room. When our teacher walked by she thought it was too strange that our frog was missing it.
  9. Every year....I would dread the first day of school because the teachers were always mispronouncing my name, they would call....Simon, Sim-one, Sim-on, was pathetic, my name is phonetically simple....Simone, short i, silent e, come on!!!
  10. Freshman year....Spanish class, my teacher was asking translations, she would say something in Spanish and we would raise our hands when we knew the translation. She said, "Yo tengo mucho hambre". I raised my hand, she called on me, I said, "I have many men." Got quite a laugh, even from the teacher.
There are actually so many memories from school and it is hard to actually decide where to go with the list. I can make a whole scrapbook for each of my years in high school, probably wouldn't include very many photos because I never took that many, but would be a book load of crazy 80s memories.

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Mimi said...

Those are so awesome - I love laying on the stage listening to your echo!

Moon boots, ugh. My mom made me wear those for Future Day or maybe Punk Day.