Thursday, June 2

A Life Less Ordinary

Ok, so with the summer rapidly running up to greet me or slap me in the face (you never know), I thought I would consciously make a list of fun things I want to do this summer. Imagine that, me making a list. I think in some ways these lists are a way for me to hold myself accountable. For example, had I not made this list of things I want to do, I may say I was going to do them, but when the time comes, there I am just sitting around the house. It is like the red bull of my life, giving me a little jolt to do something. So, here's the list of summer possibilities, all which sound like a hoot and right up my alley. Hopefully, I will get to most of these and have some *new* experiences.

Chicago’s Antique Market: May 29th (throughout the summer) Now this looks like a perfectly yuppie way to spend a Saturday morning, Starbucks in hand. I love junk and I am definitely going to try and check this out.
Celebration 2005- Summer’s Best Party: June 10-12 Claims to be the Summer’s best party right in the title, it must be good. Hairbanger’s Ball will be there on Friday and I haven’t seen them yet. Also, it seems there is food, a petting zoo and a bouncy castle. I love the jumpy jump.
Taste of Randolph Street: June 17th-19th Presented by Miller, so that is a plus, this festival looks like a nice mix of music and food. The music lineup actually looks pretty good with Poi Dog and Ted Leo. There is a $10 cover, so I will have to check if it is really worth ten whole dollars.
Jammin in the Zoo: Dates Vary I always wanted to go to these concerts. They are inexpensive and great bands. This year Big Head Todd and the Monsters will be there, so I think it is a must.
Venetian Night: July 30th I haven’t seen this since I was a child, but I am definitely going to try and catch this one. Nothing like free fun!

My plan of the simple life is not going as well as I had suspected. It is hard to be simple. I heard on the radio this morning that it is hard for some people to simplifiy their lives because they are addicted to chaos. I think that is ME!! There is always so much drama and insanity in my life that when there isn't any, I go looking for it. I need simple. I need calm. I need to calm down is probably what I need the most. This summer, I am going to strive for order and simplicity. I am going to go looking for adventure and fun. I am going to try and make some happy memories. (and then scrapbook them.) BTW, I know it is Thurday and there was no OPAW...tonight is the night, creativity here I come!

One last note.... Watched Beauty and the Geek last night and can't figure out why I like these stupid reality shows so much. Seriously, I only seem to enjoy the outlandish ones. So, needless to say, I will be tuning in every Tuesday night. Also, here's a blog for the day.

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